The Regional Advisory Committee (RAC), Owners and Operators Committee, and Users Group are all meeting on Thursday May 20th.

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SE MN Regional Radio BoardMeeting MinutesMonday, April 5, 201012:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.Rochester Public Utilities4000 East River Road N.E.Rochester, MN 

1)  Meeting was called to order by Chair Jim Bryant at 13:05 Hours.

Members in Attendance:                                                          Others in Attendance:Dave Erickson/Dodge County                                                 Rick FreshwaterTom Kaase/Fillmore County                                                    Judy Indrelie Jake Gillen/Rice County                                                         Matt MaasMark Darnell/Olmsted County                                                 Mike PetersonDave Perkins/Olmsted County                                                 Kevin TorgersonTom Dwelle/Wabasha County                                                 Tim HeroffMarcia Ward/Winona County                                                  Dave Thomson/City of Rochester

Dan Belshan/Freeborn County                                                 Kari Haarstad/Olmsted Co

Tom Shea/Steele County                                                           Bob Nowicki/Rochester                                                                                               Steve Borchardt/State of MN                                                   Jim Bryant/Goodhue County                                                               Dave Severson/Steele CountyJames Eberling/Steele County                                  

  2)  Welcome & IntroductionEveryone in attendance stated name. 

3)  Approval of AgendaWith addition of PSAT meeting information under New Business B.  Also next meeting date change will be under For the Good of the Membership.Motion by Shea/Perkins to approve today’s revised agenda.  Motion carried unanimously.  

 4)  Approval of Minutes for March 22, 2010 Meeting.  Motion by Ward/Nowicki  to approve minutes  from March 22, 2010 meeting.  Motion carried unanimously.

 5)    A. Grant update – Judy Indrelie           

1.  Grant Breakdown – Judy gave out handouts with each of the grants for the RRB.  Went through the activity for 2009 and once we hire out Auditor to audit the books we will have them prepare and present the 2009 Financials.  Judy will need to leave after her presentation so if there are any questions on grants please ask them during this time.  Judy had color coded each grant to help breakdown each of the grants for the board.  Purple – Grant Allocation Summary – this grant was approved at last meeting to go ahead and apply for by the end of March.  Once we get the contract back from the State it will come back to you for approval. This should be available within the next month or so.  It is an IECGP 2009 Grant.  There is a match required and the resolutions were sent out to you last month for your boards.  This grant’s purpose is to acquire P25 interoperable communication equipment and control stations. Resolutions are needed back before you can spend the money for reimbursement.  Any questions on this just ask and Judy will advise. Blue - 2007 HSEM PSIC Grant – there are 2 PSIC grants and this one is the equipment grant.  This was a matching grant and shows that amount in here.  The M & A dollars are being reclassified as Planning and Coordination.   Planning and Coordination does not have matching dollars so the dollars that were matched by Olmsted County are able to go back into  Mark’s budget not having to be used as allocated dollars.  Page 2 shows the amounts available per County and City and this has to be spent by the end of September.  Special note on this is if you already have money budgeted for your project you cannot use Grant dollars in that place.  This is called Supplanting and is a big no no.  Judy will look into the training dollars and see exactly what that can be used for and let you know at the next meeting.Green – 2008 HSEM Grant – this is the biggest grant that you have. It is a million dollars.  The 895,000 was originally allocated for UHF/VHF equipment and now they have reallocated that since they feel this part has been accomplished and now the money can be spent on ARMER Backbone.  Steve Borchardt brought up that in the future there may be a need to add capacity throughout the region to the system by adding one channel per tower.  What he would suggest to the board is to retain one of the consulting firms to do a study of how the system could be enhanced.  The cost would depend on each site. You may want to have the RAC do some research on this possibility. Motion by Erickson/Perkins to have RAC Committee look into this further and get back to us with some option on how best to use the dollars in this grant.  Motion carried unanimously.Pink -  RRB IECGP Grant – this one is the one that is in place.  This grant does have planning dollars available to hire someone to do what we have just discussed with the study.  So you do have $ available grant wise.  These are the same funds that we will be using to send people to Interoperability Conference. You only have about $48,000 to spend so you will want to watch how you spend it.  This is for Planning, Training, Exercise and M & A.  This is the one that would cover mileage to attend the O & O meeting, RAC meeting for anyone that uses their own vehicles.  This can be used for the person that takes minutes. That is the purpose.   The purple one is the IECGP grant that is not in place at this time.  We will call that on IECGP Grant #2 and the pink IECGP Grant will be #1.  These two will overlap for a short time this fall.                   

B.  Discussion on Olmsted County Proposal for Accounting ServicesOlmsted County is our Fiscal Agent for the Financials.  Central Finance with all the cut backs is having a hard time keeping up with the finances for the Board, so we are looking at having Kari Haarstad taking over the financials for the two boards, the RRB board and the Emergency Managers.  The cost would be at $2375 per quarter starting with the 3rd quarter of this year.  The money would come out of the grant money.Motion by Erickson/Gillen to approve the change from Olmsted County doing the financials to Kari Haarstad.  Olmsted County will still be the Fiscal Agent.  Motion carried unanimously.        

  C.   Approval of RFP for auditing servicesThis will give the Board a financial picture of where we are at the end of 2009.  Motion by Shea/Nowicki to approve RFP to go out to qualified auditors for review.  Motion carried unanimously.       

 D  Insurance information1.      Sponsor County –  Dodge County has offered to be sponsor County.  Motion by Ward/Kaase to approve Dodge County as sponsor County.  Motion carried unanimously. 2.      Approval of RRB letterhead – Need to add the RRB website and Judy’s number as a contact to the letterhead.  Motion by Nowicki/Gillen to approve letterhead with these changes.  Motion carried unanimously.       

E.   RAC update – Mark DarnellLast meeting was focused on approving all the participation plans to make the deadline that was in place.  Plans were from Dodge, Rice, Steele, Winona and Red Cross.   Those were all approved.  These meetings are the 3rd Thursday of month at 1:00pm.         

 F.  NACo Conference in Alabama – Tom KaasePassed out handout from conference.  February 24, 25, 2010 Judy, Rick, Steve and Tom all attended this conference.  In Minnesota we are ahead of a lot of this group.  Good conference with good speakers and good variety of participants.  This would be good to present to the RAC Committee for their information and at the AMC District meeting.       

 G.  Discussion of TIC Plan – Steve BorchardtHarry thinks he has this done at this point.  Thursday night will be conducting the exercise that accompanies the completion of the TIC that calls for in the contract with which we hired Harry.   Harry is done soon but will still be a point of contact.       

 H.  SEMNRRB website – Dave ThomsonNeed to have contact with Dave to keep this website up to date.  Dave would like to have the website so a few people to post minutes and other pertinent information on this site.  We will work with Dave on this.  2004 he registered the domain and has paid all the expenses on this.  Now he is presenting to the board to continue the website through him would be $113.88/year.  This is a business on the side that Dave does.  Motion by Kaase/Gillen to approve continuing with website for the fee of 113.88/year with Mr. Thomson.  Motion carried unanimously. 

I.    Local System Administrator and backup Administrator – Mark DarnellMotion by Erickson/Perkins to approve Rick Freshwater/Administrator and Dave Thomson as backup Administrator.  Motion carried unanimously.        

  J.  State Interoperability Update – Steve BorchardtThere is a bill in both the house and the senate to extend the sales tax exemption for the rest of the state for those that are purchasing interoperable radio equipment.  There is a hearing on Thursday, April 8, 2010 at 8:30 am State Capital Building, Rm. 15 to extend the sales tax.           

  1. MN Public Safety Interop Communications Conference April 28-30.  This is in St. Cloud and the dollars from the Pink IECGP grant can be used on this Conference.  The finance committee discussed a cap per member to send to this meeting.  They recommend 6 attendees per member of RRB.  That does not mean that you can’t send more but the additional would be out of your pocket.  This would have to be paid upfront by the member and then reimbursed from the grant. Motion by Shea/Kaase to approve the 6 attendees per member to attend the conference.  Motion carried unamimously.       

 K   User Group tabletop exercise – Mike Peterson             This will be held in Rochester and a lunch will be served on Thursday, April 8, 2010 at 5:30 pm at the Rochester Event Center.  Approximately 120 people have responded.  Next meeting is in May, third Thursday of month.  Wondered if it would be a good idea to invite the press to this meeting.  Invitation to the press would be welcomed.                  

  L.    Owners and Operators Update – Mulleneaux – not present at this time.      

  M.   Any other Old Business – None at this time.     6)     New Business 7)     For the Good of the Membership (Open to anyone)       

 1.  PSAT MeetingThis is a discussion of 6 counties (Goodhue, Wabasha, Winona, Houston, Fillmore, Olmsted and the City of Rochester) for consolidating the dispatch center.  For now they will meet the first Monday of the month at 9:30 am. to co-inside with the RRB meeting that is held every other month.   It was mentioned at the PSAT meeting that next month (June) there is a Sheriff Association meeting on June 7, 2010 and that is the same day the PSAT meeting would be held.  They have rescheduled the PSAT meeting for the second Monday in June which would be June 14, 2010 at 9:30 am.  We would also like to move the next RRB meeting from June 7, 2010 to the second Monday of June which would be June 14th, 2010 to co-inside with the PSAT meeting.   The Finance meeting will be moved to June

14, 2010 at 11:00 am.  Motion by Shea/Nowicki to approve the one time only change of meeting for the RRB meeting.  Motion carried unanimously.   

8)       Adjournment Motion by Nowicki/Perkins to adjourn.   Motion carried unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 14:15 Hours.

 Next RRB Meeting is June 14, 2010 at 1230 hrs; Finance Committee at 1100 hrs at Bakers Square.

Next RAC Meetings are April 15, 2010 at 1300 and May 20th, 2010 at 1300.   

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by Kari Haarstad

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