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Agency Certification  I certify that _____________________________________ has met all requirements for qualifications listed for All-Hazards Type III Communications Unit Leader Course (COML) and that listed certificate have been issued.    Certifying Official’s Signature ___________________________ Date_________________ Printed Name _________________________________ Agency ______________________ Title _________________________________ Phone Number _______________________ Pre Qualifications for COML Training are but not limited to: ·         A public safety communications background with exposure to field operations; this experience should be validated by the authority who supervised the student. ·         Fundamental public safety communications technology, supervisory, and personnel management skills.  These must be validated by the authority who supervised the student and include, but are not limited to: o    Knowledge of local communications systems§  Frequencies and spectrum§  Technologieso    Knowledge of local topographyo    Knowledge of system site locationso    Knowledge of local, regional, and state communications planso    Knowledge of local and regional Tactical Interoperable Communications Plans, if availableo    Knowledge of local, regional and national communications and resource contacts ·         Completion of the following pre-requisite training courses: o    IS-700, IS-800b, ICS-100, ICS-200, and ICS-300
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