The Regional Advisory Committee (RAC), Owners and Operators Committee, and Users Group are all meeting on Thursday May 20th.

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SE MN Regional Radio BoardMeeting MinutesMonday, June 14, 201012:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.Rochester Public Utilities4000 East River Road N.E.Rochester, MN 1)      Meeting for RRB was called to order by Chair Jim Bryant at 12:35 Hours.2)      Meeting for RAC was called to order by Chair Mark Darnell at 12:35 Hours.
Members in Attendance:Members in Attendance:Others in Attendance:
RRB: Dave Erickson/Dodge CountyRAC:   Jim Trihey/ Dodge CountyJudy Indrelie/Olmsted Co
Dan Belshan/Freeborn CountyRick Eggert/Dodge CountyKevin Torgerson/HSEM
 Jake Gillen/Rice CountyDaryl Jensen/Fillmore CountyFran Windschifl/Rice Co
Mark Darnell/Olmsted CountyMike Ask/Fillmore CountySid Sanocki/Ancom
Dave Perkins/Olmsted CountyDoug Ely/Houston CountyNeale Catlisch/Ancom
Tom Dwelle/Wabasha CountyScott Yeiter/Houston CountyMike Sveen/Gold Cross
Marcia Ward/Winona CountyMark May/Mower CountyGene Mrozek/Whitewater
Don Gunderson/Steele CountyRick FreshwaterKari Haarstad/Olmsted Co
Tom Bjerke/Houston CountyDick Cook/Rice County 
Bob Nowicki/RochesterRodney Bartsch/Wabasha County 
Steve Borchardt/State of MNDave Brand/Winona County 
Jim Bryant/Goodhue CountyPaul Bostrack/City of Winona 
James Eberling/Steele County  
Dave Hillier/Mower County       
Tim Boyer/Rice/Steele County  


 2)  Welcome & IntroductionEveryone in attendance stated name. 3)  Approval of AgendaWith addition under new business Rick Juth from State Patrol.  Judy would like to add extention of Grant under D and we will also need a motion to move that Grant from Olmsted County to the RRB.  Motion by Erickson/Gillen to approve today’s revised agenda for RRB.  Motion carried unanimously.  Motion by Jensen/Bartsch to approve today’s agenda for RAC.  Motion carried unanimously. 4)  Approval of Minutes for April 5, 2010 RRB Meeting.  Motion by Erickson//Gillen to approve minutes from April 5, 2010 RRB Meeting with correction of Dodge as the 7th county for PSAP.  Motion carried unanimously.Approval of Minutes for May 20, 2010 RAC Meeting. Motion by Bartsch/Trihey to approve minutes from May 20, 2010 RAC Meeting.  Motion carried unanimously. 5)  Election of New Officers for RRB - Motion by Erickson/Gillen to nominate Jim Bryant as Chair for next year.  Motion by Ward/Nowicki to close nominations with Jim Bryant as Chair for RRB.  Motion carried unanimously.  Motion by Erickson/Perkins to nominate Tom Shea as Vice Chair.  Motion by Ward/Gillen to close nominations with Tom Shea for Vice-Chair for RRB.  Motion carried unanimously.An hour and a ½ before each RRB meeting we have a Finance Committee Meeting to go over a few things for the meeting. This committee consists of the Chair, Vice Chair and Commissioner Erickson has been joining us for this meeting and it would be good to have a 4th Commissioner that would be available to come to these meetings in the absence of another, like today, Tom Shea could not make.  We meet 6 times a year.  Gillen would like to volunteer for this. Motion by Gillen/Perkins to have Commissioner Erickson and Commissioner Gillen attend the Finance Committee meetings held before each RRB meeting.  Motion carried unanimously.  6.)   Old Business –             A. Committee Updates                        1.  Regional Advisory Committee meetings update – DarnellRAC met on the 20th of May and heard from the counties on the updates with ARMER at that time.  Recap on Conference and Leadership Committee meeting.  Interoperability Conference that we attended in St. Cloud and then two weeks later the Leadership Committee meeting for the RAC Chairs and anyone from the RRB that could attend.  Covered working with EMS System. State Patrol introduced how they would be working with air unit.  Went over Grant information and Judy will cover that later.                        2. RAC County Activity Updates – Committee membersMower County - Mark May - they will be doing a partial participation plan with ARMER and this has been submitted for signature today.Dodge County - Jim Trihey - final participation plan approved by OTC last week, moving forward.Wabasha County- Rodney Bartsch - new dispatch center up and running. Buying radios when we can from the Grant money.Fillmore County - Daryl Jensen – had participation plan kick- off on June 2 same as Houston County.  So in the early process of that and then today we will be asking for approval of participation plan so we can move forward with radios and control stations as that grant comes through.Winona -  Dave Brand -  22nd of June will be going before County Board to get the contract with SHE to work on the requirements that we need to do yet.Rice/Steele – Tim Boyer -  not sure, Judy did Ron Whitehead look over. He did and Judy is waiting for one more response from him but looks like you should be ok for reimbursement.  Participation plan is being ironed out and still on track to move ahead next year some time and Steele the following year or maybe next year.Houston County – Scott Yeiter – we have another meeting for the participation plan for the first part of August.  Control stations installed Wednesday this week and still looking at transition August of next year.  Goodhue is not present – they are plugging right along.                        3.  User Group Committee – Rick FreshwaterWe have obtained a room for the rest of the year at the Northrup Building free of charge for the User Group Meetings.  He talked about trainers for radios and the difference between trainers and programmers. I feel that every entity should have someone on their staff that is able to program radios so they do not have to depend on someone else to do this and have to pay them for it.  Everyone needs to start preparing for the narrow banding of the VHS infastructure.  This does include Emergency Management, the sirens, base stations and paging system. This must be done by 2013 so you need to start preparing for this now.                  B. Updates of members list – This was emailed out and if you have an alternate it would be nice to have that entered for a contact.  Will send the master around and please fill out information.  We will be doing this at the meeting at the beginning of the year.             C. Region 1 Emergency Management Board – Kevin TorgersonNext week Wednesday there will be a “Can You Hear Me 2 “  drill also including SE EMS basically a check for the various systems to make sure they are set up.               D. Grant updateJudy Indrelie1.) Contract with the State for the 2009 IECGP Grant (Purple) – not one of the attachments that I gave you because you can not spend this money yet until I get your commitment to the match and I get a signed copy of the contract back from the State.  If you spend money before this has been finalized you will not be able to be reimbursed.  Just need approval from the board to go ahead and get signatures to be contracted with the State on this grant.  Motion by Perkins/Nowicki for approval of 2009 IECGP Grant contract from the State.  Motion carried unanimously.              $912.92 is the match amount and Judy will send out a blank resolution for the members of RRB and RAC to take to their boards.2.) Goodhue County funds request -  They have requested for $6000.00 to hire Tom Justin to come in and provide radio user training that is required by the State. Also Goodhue County and Winona County would like to send 2 of their radio techs to Schaumburg, IL for training to learn how to program the radios.  With this training they will be able to help others in the region to get their radios programmed.  This would cost $9,500.00.  Motion by Erickson/Belshan to approve both requests for Goodhue for the $6,000.00 for Tom Justin and the $9,500.00 for sending (2) people to Schaumburg, IL to be trained on programming the radios.  Motion carried unanimously.  3.) 2007 HSEM PSIC Grant – (Blue) - this grant is going to be extended to June 30, 2011 from September 30, 2010 with more funds added and another match needed.  The additional amount will be $33,511.30 and the additional match is $8,377.92.  The contract is not available at this time but just wanted you to know that there is more money coming available for radios.  The deadline for the match is December 31, 2010 and the deadline to use the funds is June 30, 2011. I also would like a motion to have this grant moved from Olmsted County to the Regional Radio Board.Motion by Ward/Gillen to go ahead and apply for this extension when it becomes available and to move this grant to the RRB.  Motion carried unanimously. Any questions on the grants please feel free to ask them at this time. Grants – Blue – 2007 HSEM PSIC Grant – extending to June 30, 2011White – 2007 PSIC Planning – extending to June 30, 2011Green – 2008 HSEM Grant – ending 3/31/2011Pink – 2009 IECGP Grant – ending 8/31/10 E.  Freeborn County – Detail Design DocumentMotion by Erickson/Belshan to approve the Freeborn County Detail Design Document as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.             F.  Fillmore County Limited Participation Plan – Daryl JensenComputer would not check the boxes on page 2 and all should be checked except for the Other.  Judy marked these on the original document.   Motion by Jensen/Erickson to approve the Fillmore County Limited Participation Plan as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.             G. Mower County Limited Participation Plan – Dave HillierMotion by Hillier/Dwelle to approve the Mower County Limited Partipation Plan as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.             H.  MN DOT Radio Agreements for:                        1. NOAA Weather Service in La Crosse                         2. Fillmore County Contract                        3.  SE MN Emergency Medical Services                        4.  MN Regional Medical Examiner’s OfficeMotion by Erickson/Nowicki to approve all 4 of the Agreements presented.  Motion carried unanimously.                         5. Mower  County Contract – Dave HillierMotion by Hillier/Gillen to approve Mower County’s contract agreement with ARMER.  Motion carried unanimously.
I.   Audit Service Update -  
Judy IndrelieTalked with State and they did not feel that we would need to have a 2009 Audit done with such a small amount spent.  When the 2010 audit was done they would go back to do 2009 to get a base.  Will get that in writing for board.              J.  Discussion of TIC Plan – Harry AlgyerPresented first edition of the TIC Plan.  This is a living document and you will want to have it revised fairly frequently.  Harry will send us reminders for the first year to year and ½ to have this updated, Rick Freshwater will do the updates.  This was funded from grant from HSEM. He will forward a copy of the via email to Judy and she will get this out to all members for review. Motion by Trihey/Jensen for the RAC approval of the TIC Plan and to move it on to the RRB.  Motion carried unanimously.Motion by Belshan/Perkins to table approval of TIC Plan for next meeting so RRB members are able to review plan.  Motion carried unanimously.               K.  State Interoperability Update – Steve BorchardtHe has asked the RAC to set up a schedule for training for each counties migration and gets those dates on a calendar so we have this set up ahead of time so we are not scrambling when it is time.                           L.   Any other Old BusinessSales tax exemption bill.  We are exempt for interoperability.  Even if the bill does pass it will not affect this for us.     3)      New Business -  Rick Juth – State Highway Patrol SE911 Talk Group – looking for approval from RAC to be able to include that talk group in our dispatch module in Rochester for the purpose of dispatch to dispatch communication to assist if so desired. Darnell – RAC does not approve but will entertain questions and move it on to the RRB. State Patrol will not be the primary responders, but a secondary response.   Motion by Jensen/Bartsch from the RAC to forward this on to the RRB for approval.  Motion carried unanimously.  Motion by Erickson/Perkins to approve the State Highway Patrol to be included in the SE911 Talk Group as a secondary responder.  Motion carried unanimously. State Patrol in regards to aviation unit SOP for ARMER users across the state, we need them to be on either an S-TAC or an L-TAC in order to provide the best assistance.  Nothing changes for non-ARMER users.  He will email the SOP  to Judy to get out to all members.   Also, will simocast on VHF for now, they will be decommissioning the VHF after 2012. January 1, 2011 no manufacturer will be able to sell anything that is wideband (VHF) so if you need anything before that you better 5)     For the Good of the Membership (Open to anyone)         6)       Adjournment Motion by Ely/Trihey to adjourn RAC meeting.  Motion carried unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 13:58 Hours.  Motion by Gillen/Nowicki to adjourn  RRB meeting.   Motion carried unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 13:58 Hours. Next RRB Meeting is August 2, 2010 at 1230 hrs; Finance Committee at 1100 hrs at Bakers Square.Next RAC Meetings are July 15, 2010 at 1300 and Aug 19th, 2010 at 1300.   Minutes Respectfully Submitted by Kari Haarstad 
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