The Regional Advisory Committee (RAC), Owners and Operators Committee, and Users Group are all meeting on Thursday May 20th.

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Owner’s & Operators group combines with User’s Group Meeting

10:06 – Meeting called to order.

Agenda Approved.

Last month’s minutes were not sent out, so they were not accepted at this time.


First order – Jackie Mines talking about NexGen911.

1.       Talked about routing interoperability. Shortcomings between 2 different 911 service providers. ALI/ANI not interoperable.

2.       Upgrades to network for new/emerging technology.

3.       Current system is solid at this time but needs updating for high speed capabilities for things to come(Emails/text messages)

4.       Goal is to connect everyone on 1 network.


Jackie talked about 3 phases:

1.       Phase 1 - Qwest / IES interface with each other. They are working on this now. Phase 1 is in the final stages of testing. Currently working with MSAG coordinators from each county. Routing decisions have not really been made in the SE area which is why they are giving the presentation today. Equipment will be issued for interfacing, which will allow interoperability with other counties. The cost is assumed by the State and there is grant money available for any additional cost incurred(upgrades to air conditioning, grounding updates, electrical upgrades)

2.       Phase 2 – Pick out a few PSAP’s to test. Administrators need to be talking about how to decide whether or not text/email capabilities are going to be allowed and discuss what equipment is needed/available to them to make the transition.

3.       Phase 3 – Full implementation.


Talked about how Douglas County is using bandwidth as a back up to T-1 network. Using shared CAD program/mapping with neighboring counties. Using the shared equipment cuts down cost because PSAP’s can share costs and allows for other centers to be back-up PSAP’s because sharing the system allows them to be familiar with CAD commands/procedures. This allows other counties to “forward” their incoming calls in case of power outages.


Consumers will be given the choice as to which PSAP their 911 call goes too. Example: People living in the city of Chatfield, but in Olmsted County, may want their 911 calls to go to Fillmore county because Chatfield PD, Fire, and Ambulance will be responding to their calls this will alleviate a phone transfer when the initial call comes into Olmsted County.


T-1 will be the new piece of equipment needed to re-route calls and show ANI/ALI. Each T-1 has 24 lines, which allows for high-speed capabilities. Deaf/hard of hearing people want texting added as a feature to 911 to make it easier to get assistance. This is something which will have to be addressed on a national level (similar to how cell phones were addressed a few years ago.)

Review of June 23rd EMS Communication Drill.

12-15 ambulance services were involved. Getting everyone to the right talk groups was difficult. Request for more training on radio usage.


Go-Live Dates to the ARMER system.


Winona County – August 1, 2011                               Goodhue County – 1-2 months                                 Freeborn County – 1-2 months

Steele County – Spring 2012                                        Wabasha – Unknown                                                     Rice – September 2011

Fillmore - ?                                                                          Dodge – May 2011          


Rick Freshwater voiced a request from State Patrol. State Patrol would like to have 911 SE EOC and SE-911 available on their consoles to monitor. Both are regional resources. Motion made & passed.


1.       SkyWarn is going to be making a move to the Lacrosse weather talk group.

2.       DOC requested to have access to SE Regional talk groups. Motion made & passed.

3.       Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) requested to have access to SE ATAC 1-4, SE Hosp, SE EOC, SE MEDEX, SE 911. Motion made & passed.

4.       COM-L’s certified and candidates (not having full-certification) requesting to have access to all SE MN talk groups. Motion made & passed.

5.       Handout out given regarding Hospital radio talk group layout.


Albert Lea will soon be having Gold Cross respond for their area.

Mayo helicopters have 800 MHz radios but they are not yet programmed. Rick will get with them to get the programming done.


System Administration:


Each county needs to designate a system administrator. Rick can be designated at the administrator, but the county needs a contact person for programming ID’s. Rick went on to explain the differences between being system administrator and programming the radios. Radios purchased by your county need to be programmed by your county’s personnel. Radios owned by Olmsted for EOC(even ones given to other counties) are programmed by Olmsted County and need to all be laid out the same.


RRB is requesting this group come up with a plan because 14 counties in the next 18 months will be coming onto the ARMER system and the workload for radio programmers is going to be too much for just a couple of people to do. There is grant money available to those wanting to learn the programming aspect.


Grant Monies


1.       Currently there are $48,000 left in the IEPCG Grant. This money is available through August 31st, 2010. They are trying to get an extension if there are still monies left.

2.       There is $76,000 PISA Grant available for training which ends June 2011.

3.       There are some up-coming grants $67,000 for exercises and $47,000 for training. These grants are being written now.

4.       Grants allow for overtime monies to be paid out, but the RRB has not taken a stand on whether allocation of overtime monies.


Regional Training


We talked about training at a regional level. Some of the basics can be trained at this level to save costs of training people individually. Also talked about the possibility of developing an on-line course for training which can be done at the regional level.


We also talked about looking into hiring a consultant to look at planning regional training. The grant monies will cover the hiring of this consultant. Motion was made & passed to hire a consultant to put together an RFP. This information will be forwarded to the RRB.


A request was made to the RRB to look into using Grant money for Overtime. Motion made & passed.


Combined Meetings


We discussed having combined meetings and decided we would keep separate meetings because during the day a lot of volunteer personnel are working their “normal” jobs and are unable to leave work to attend.  If necessary, due to extenuating circumstances, we can have a combined meeting.


Motion to adjourn at 1245.


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