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The "Phoenix Report" titled Phoenix Fire Department Radio System Safety Project (Final Report ver. 1.7 10/08/2004) can be found at It discusses the differences between Analog and Digital, Simplex, Repeated and Trunked systems. It specifically deals with their shared public safety radio system. It is clear that many parts of their report cannot be generalized to any other radio system. Their recommendation is for 700/800MHz simplex radio system with analog modulation. Our system is designed for use of 700/800 Mhz simplex AND trunked modes using digital modulation. We feel this flexibility will allow for the most robust, and flexible system for "fire only" situations, and situations where our fire agencies will be interoperating with other public safety agencies.

The report specifically does NOT discuss the specifics of how their system was designed. Distance from radio sites to where users will be using them, and the topography between them is a critical, yet undocumented aspect of the report.

It is also interesting to note that Phoenix representatives contacted personnel with the Minneapolis Fire Department (who have used the ARMER system for several years) regarding the use of "Scene of Action" ( SOA ) channels at "fire ground" scenes, but apparently decided to disregard the information they received. SOA are simplex channels, that use the 700/800 MHz digital trunked radios, but allow for statewide interoperability on the wide area system, or on the SOA channels.

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