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a radio system topography that uses one or more radio receivers to receive transmissions from radio users, and retransmit these weak signals to a large area.
  1. Users can communicate with users at a greater distance that could be done with simplex communications.


  1. Requires an infrastructure.
  2. Some areas may not be serviced, due to distance to the repeater site(s).
  3. System Delays: There is a short delay as the receiver(s) "open" and as the repeaters transmitter powers up. This delay generally runs between 0.1 to 1.0 seconds.
  4. Potential for doubling. This potential increases with the system delay of the individual system.
  5. If the system, or supporting infrastructure (microwave, leased phone lines, other radio links) fail, some or all of the users will lose some level of service. This service impairment may include reduced service area, limited/loss of communications with other users, limited/loss of communications with dispatchers, or a total loss of communications
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