The Regional Advisory Committee (RAC), Owners and Operators Committee, and Users Group are all meeting on Thursday May 20th.

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SE MN Regional Advisory Committee

for Interoperable Public Safety Communications

August 16th, 2007 - 1400 Hours

Rochester Public Utilities



·        Scott McNurlin (Goodhue)

·        Dean Albers (Goodhue)

·        Rick Eggert (Dodge)

·        Mike Ask (Fillmore)

·        Rollie Frank, (Whitewater Wireless)

·        Terry Waletzki (Olmsted)

·        Bob Bilder (Winona)

·        David Brand (Winona)

·        Tim Mohr (Blue Earth)

·        Darrin Haeder (Blue Earth)

·        Daryl Jensen ( Fillmore)

·        Craig Strand (HL Security)

·        Tom Hannon (Central MN Regional Advisory Committee)

·        Joel Hansen (Olmsted)

·        David Thomson (Rochester)

·        Jim Trihey (Dodge)

·        Terese Amazi (Mower)

·        Mark Harig (Freeborn)

·        Sid Sanocki (Ancom Communication)

·        Gregory LaVick (Blue Wing Services)

·        Gary Elert (Elert & Associates)

·        Barb Brewington (Rice/Steele)




1.  Welcome by Scott McNurlin:  Chief Deputy, Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office


2.  Introductions


3.  Approval of minutes from July 11, 2007 meeting.   Motion carried.  Minutes approved.


4.  Reports


Rochester, David Thomson:

·        Briefly discussed the last update he had heard from MN/DOT on the regional build.


5.  Special Reports


HL Security, Craig Strand:

·        Discussed $500K of Interoperability Grants available,

·        Wanted a person to coordinate the grants.

Scott McNurlin

·        SCIP plan must be submitted by September 12th

Tom Hannon

·        Regional Advisory Board/Regional Radio Board must be the conduit where interop funds flow, as they know the interop needs of the region.

Bob Bilder

·        Wants to know how to spend the $500K without duplicating technology.

Craig Strand

·        Emergency Managers will discuss the $500K grant tomorrow (August 17th)


Goodhue County, Scott McNurlin:

·        He believed that on September 4th Goodhue County would commit to the ARMER system.

·        $1.5 – 1.7 Million would be reimbursed to Goodhue for infrastructure additions to ARMER.

·        Goodhue County would pay for all subscriber equipment for all full-time personnel.


6.  Old Business


            Membership – Proposed By-Law motion from July Meeting

Tom Hannon

·        Regional Advisory Board is a technical advisory board for the Regional Radio Board.

Scott McNurlin

·        Stressed that this was not an 800MHz board, but an interop organization.

Craig Strand

·        Suggested that EMS, Utility and others be included.

Tom Hannon

·        Regional Radio Board must be counties and cities – If you add specific persons, you must articulate who they are representing.

Terry Waletzki

·        Interop should be a sub-committee of the Regional Advisory Board.

Bob Bilder

·        Wants to add all cities that request membership.

Tom Hannon

·        Stated that the proposed by-laws already included the ability to add cities and counties.

Scott McNurlin

·        Proposed the following be added to Article III section 3 “or city within the region where the city is a direct partner in the operation and maintenance of a public safety communication system.”


Motion was read and reread.


There was discussion about the word “direct” and limiting the cities that could apply.


Motion passed unanimously.


Representation & Alternates

            Deferred until next meeting


Meeting Schedule

            Third Thursday of each Month at 13:00.

            Preferred location is RPU – Alternate location to be announced based on RPU meeting room availability.


7.  General Discussion and New Business


            Grant Possibilities

                        No pressing grant needs or availabilities were identified.


            Propagation Studies:

                        Tom Hannon – one of his sub-committees had developed an RFP for “approved” consultants and used planning grant funds to fund the study.


            Management and Governance of systems:

                        Subcommittees that were proposed:

                                    Planning – Figure out the big picture.

                                    Technical & Operations – Specifically interop technical issues.

                                    Policy – Govern how the systems work together.


·        Bob Bilder:

queried whether consultants were available

·        Tom Hannon:

That was exactly why they RFPd several consultants.

They paid approximately $21K - $35K per county.

The more agencies in the propagation study the higher the cost.

·        Barb Brewington:

Steele is considering a propagation study and is looking for funding

·        General Discussion:

o       Regional propagation study vs. individual county studies

o       Next meeting – need to staff committees, especially the Planning Committee.

o       Other communities may want to be in the RAC or other committees.  Possibly Austin, Albert Lea and Winona.

o       We should include Public Health, possibly for interop.

o       Winona Fire responds into Wisconsin – Interop issues with Wisconsin.

o       The LaCrosse County Emergency Manager would like to attend meetings.

o       Could two or three counties add a resource and share costs through the RAC?

o       Working together through the RAC/RRB would provide:

§         Better grant availability.

§         Fewer towers.

§         Better interop.

§         Better possibility of success.


8.  Set Next Meeting Date

·        Next meeting scheduled for Thursday, September 20, 13:00-15:00 somewhere in Rochester.

·        Items to be addressed at the next meeting:

§         Committees.

§         Primaries and Alternates.

§         Election of Officers.

§         Decisions on planning funds.


Meeting Adjourned.

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