The Regional Advisory Committee (RAC), Owners and Operators Committee, and Users Group are all meeting on Thursday May 20th.

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SE MN Regional Radio Board Owners & Operators Committee

Meeting Minutes

Thursday, December 17, 2009

10:00 a.m. - Noon

Rochester Public Utilities

4000 East River Road

Rochester, MN


2)  Introduction of Participants / Roll Call

Introductions were done around the table prior to the start of this meeting.

3)  Opening Comments – Barb Brewington

Purpose of this meeting to comply with SE MN RRB’s request to organize a committee made up of Dispatch Administrators and Supervisors to review policies being written by the SE MN Radio Users Group, discuss how these policies would affect Dispatch and give feedback to the Users Group prior to policies being written. 

4)  Presentations:    


a)   JPA:  Duties of Owners & Operators Committee – Tom Hannon
Owners/Operators Committee made up of one member from each part of the JPA experienced in management and operation of radio and Dispatch.  Hannon strongly urged that an alternate be appointed if have not already done so to assure that all agencies have a voice at every meeting. 
Committee has authority to adopt by-laws and rules, but RRB must ratify.   Group must appoint representative to serve on RRB - next meeting February 1.
Regional website:
Tom Hannon’s e-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

b)   Draft Owners & Operators Committee By-Laws – Tom Hannon
Name of Committee:  SE MN RRB Owners/Operators Committee.
Chair and Vice Chair term is annual; vacancies need to be filled at next regular meeting.
Each entity is entitled to 1 vote; appointee or alternate must be present at meeting to cast vote.
Vote prevails w/majority of those present – minimum of 4 votes to pass.
Quorum:  At least 6 members present.
Special meetings allowed at call of Chair with consent of 50% of membership.
Fiscal year:  January 1 – December 31
Amendments to By-Laws require 30 days written notice of proposed change; requires 2/3 affirmative vote of a quorum and requires RRB approval before goes into effect.
Member expenses responsibility of appointee authority.  IECGP funds cover some of these expenses; overrides this provision for qualifying individuals.
Committee cannot be dissolved except by termination of JPB and dissolution of the RRB.
Tompkins concerned MSP not member of RRB and she cannot be member, but can attend meetings as a non-voting visitor.  Hannon said that this would be correct unless sub-committee would be established to include MSP and would then have a vote on sub-committee.  Hannon and Brewington felt MSP’s input was important.   MSP is invited to attend Owners & Operators Committee meetings.

c)   Current ARMER Status – Steve Borchardt
Counties have made their decisions, except for Mower and Waseca who have invested in narrow band equipment.  Fillmore is undecided.  All SW migrating to ARMER; all except Waseca in South Central and all but Mower and possibly Fillmore in SE going to ARMER.   Focus will be on creating, managing Talk Groups.  Borchardt willing to speak at future meetings to educate about migration process.
Ask reported that he believed that Fillmore will vote to migrate to ARMER at their next meeting.


5)  Election of Committee Officers – Barb Brewington

a)   Election of Chairperson

Motion by Brewington/Olson to nominate Gary Mulleneaux/Rochester/Olmsted County for Chair.  Motion carried unanimously.

b)   Election of Vice Chair

Motion by Brewington/Ask to nominate Wayne Betcher/Goodhue County for Vice Chair.  Motion carried unanimously.

c)   Election of Secretary

Motion by Brewington/Peterson to nominate Marlys Sorlie/Mower County for Secretary.  Motion carried unanimously.


6)  Reports

a)   Current Issues – Mark Darnell (Current SE Region RAC Chair)

RAC is reviewing Participation Plans as come in to approve and send to RRB.   Grant expires end of March;
Counties are working to get plans done to receive grant reimbursement.   Urged to keep RAC informed what is being done at these meetings.  Darnell will not attend all meetings, but plans to visit; let him know if you would like him to attend or have Mulleneaux contact him with questions.   Provided handouts of MN regions and governance structure.
Even though this group is not covered by “open meeting” law; one of requests by RRB of this group is that you cannot vote by e-mail or phone.
Advised to include Judy Indrelie with a grants report on next agenda to explain what grants are available.  Darnell reported that Counties are not spending this money and urged members to pay attention to this.
Darnell invited members to attend RAC meetings, third Thursday of month at 1:00 p.m. at Rochester Public Utilities in conference room.   RRB meets every other month, first Monday of month at 12:30 p.m. same location – next meeting – February 1.

7)  New Business

     a)   Reimbursement Procedure for Attending Meetings of Regional Radio Board – Mark Darnell

     Reimbursement is available for mileage to attend these meetings if using personal vehicle.  Make sure to sign
     sign-in sheet at each meeting as proof of attendance.  Home entity reimburses attendees and bills Olmsted County
     (fiscal agent) quarterly for grant reimbursement. 

b) Draft By-Laws, Review, Discussion, Adoption
    Article VI, Section 1 of By-Laws regarding voting was understood by this group to mean that:
* Rice County/Steele County committee member gets 2 votes as understood by this committee
(Barb Brewington representing Rice County/Steele County is entitled to 2 votes)
* Rochester City/Olmsted County committee member gets 2 votes as understood by this committee
(Gary Mulleneaux representing Rochester City/Olmsted County is entitled to 2 votes)

    Motion by Brewington/Eggert to approve By-Laws with the understanding of the Owners & Operators
    Committee that Rice County/Steele County representative is entitled to 2 votes and that City of
    Rochester/Olmsted County representative is entitled to 2 votes.  Motion carried unanimously.

c)  Meeting Location & Frequency of Meetings    
     Motion by Brewington/Burns to hold monthly meetings on third Thursday of month from 10:00-Noon at
     Rochester Public Utilities in conference room.   Next meeting January 21.   Motion carried unanimously.

d) Selection of Committee Member to Serve on Regional Radio Board (& Alternate)  
    Motion by Peterson/Brewington to nominate Gary Mulleneaux/Rochester/Olmsted County as SE MN RRB
    member representing Owners & Operators Committee.  Motion carried unanimously.
    Motion by Brewington/Sorlie to nominate Michael Peterson/Winona County as SE MN RRB alternate member
    representing Owners & Operators Committee.  Motion carried unanimously.

e) Next Date & Location
Next meeting Thursday, January 21, at 10:00 a.m. in the conference room at Rochester Public Utilities.

8)  General Discussion Issues for Next Agenda (to be determined by Committee Members)

Peterson suggested that Radio Users Group have spot on each agenda to update members.

9)  Adjourn

Motion by Sorlie/Eggert to adjourn.  Motion carried unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 11:44 Hours.

Minutes Respectfully Submitted By:  Jean Westberg
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