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Allied Radio Matrix for Emergency Response

Standards, Protocols, Procedures


Document Section:

3 – Interoperability Guidelines



SE – 3.16.1


Procedure Title:

Use of ARMER Statewide Talkgroups – Vehicle Pursuits

Date Established:


Regional Radio Board Approval:


Replaces Document Dated:


Date Revised:




1.  Purpose or Objective

To specify the use of an ARMER statewide talkgroups in the Southeastern Minnesota ARMER region for vehicle pursuits. An ARMER L-TAC talkgroup will be utilized if available, otherwise an ARMER S-TAC talkgroup will be used.


2.  Technical Background:

§  Capabilities

The Statewide Radio Board has established a standard for use of the statewide incident response talkgroups in ARMER Standard 3.16.0. This Standard empowers each service branch to establish the threshold for use of its talkgroups. Law enforcement service branch talkgroups include L‑TAC1, 2, 3 and 4.


§  Constraints

Experience has shown that all agencies have used many different processes in the past. This Standard strives for communications consistency among all law enforcement agencies within the Southeastern ARMER region for vehicle pursuits.


3.  Operational Context:



4.  Recommended Protocol/ Standard:

NOTE: This standard changes the L‑TAC Talkgroup requirements for law enforcement dispatch centers from recommended to required. Any other information can be referred to ARMER Standard 3.16.0.


5.  Recommended Procedure:

Whenever a vehicle pursuit is initiated, the pursuing agency’s current operating talkgroup or channel will be patched to either L‑TAC1, L‑TAC2, L‑TAC3, L‑TAC4, S‑TAC1, S‑TAC2, S‑TAC3 or S‑TAC4 for the duration of the pursuit. The pursuing agency’s dispatch center will determine the correct statewide talkgroup by using “Status Board” (See ARMER standard 3.31.0) and the patch will be completed by them. Assisting agencies will be advised of the appropriate statewide talkgroup assigned for this pursuit and will utilize that talkgroup for the duration of the pursuit. Patching of the statewide talkgroup to other resources, if necessary, will be accomplished by the pursuing agency’s dispatch center.


Note: An announcement on the patched resources will be made at the time of the patch origin AND just prior to the patch removal.


6.  Management

Nothing in this standard shall be construed as a limitation of use of the L‑TAC or S-TAC talkgroups for incidents other than vehicle pursuits.


Please see ARMER Standard 3.16.0 for any additional information.

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