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Allied Radio Matrix for Emergency Response

Standards, Protocols, Procedures


Document Section:

3 – Interoperability Guidelines



SE – 3.30.0


Procedure Title:

SE-911 Talkgroup

Date Established:


Regional Radio Board Approval:


Replaces Document Dated:


Date Revised:



1.  Purpose or Objective

To establish guidelines and procedures for the use of the ARMER SE‑911 talkgroup.


2.  Technical Background:

§  Capabilities

The SE-911 talkgroup is a Southeastern ARMER region-wide talkgroup intended to facilitate communications between dispatch centers and for communications from a mobile or portable public safety user to the closest public safety dispatch center.


§  Constraints

This Standard strives for consistency among all dispatch centers in the Southeastern Minnesota ARMER region and also serves to minimize usage conflicts when multiple incidents may be occurring simultaneously within the region.


3.  Operational Context:

The SE-911 talkgroup is to be used for the following:

·         Day to day interagency urgent or emergency mutual aid situations.

·         For roaming regional users to contact the nearest dispatch center for urgent or emergency communications.

·         For hailing another dispatch center, to re-direct non-emergency communications to an alternative talkgroup of their choice.


4.  Recommended Protocol/ Standard:

Emergency Communications shall be defined, for these purposes, as those communications necessary to reduce the time factor when intervening in a life threatening situation, or a large scale property damage situation.


Emergency communications shall have priority over all other types of communications.


TG Requirements

For Whom?


All public safety dispatch centers within the Southeastern Minnesota ARMER region

Highly Recommended

EOCs, Incident Command Centers


Public Safety Mobile and Portable Radios



Not Allowed

Non-Public Safety Mobile and Portable Radios



5.  Recommended Procedure:

For dispatch center to dispatch center communications, the following information shall be passed:

·         Identify by department name and department(s) being called.

·         Identify yourself.

·         Identify the talk group being used (“Southeast 911").

·         Identify the type of incident or emergency.


Example: "Dodge County and Olmsted Counties from Goodhue County on southeast 911, pursuit."


For roaming public safety users calling dispatch centers, the following information shall be passed:

·         Identify the department or dispatch center you are calling.

·         Identify yourself.

·         Identify the talk group being used (“Southeast 911”).

·         Identify the type of incident or emergency.


Example: “Freeborn County Sheriff’s dispatch from Houston County 2999, personal injury crash.”


If extended communications are necessary, all users will move to another talkgroup, possibly a SE-PTAC or SE-ATAC.


6.  Management

The dispatch center managers for agencies on the Southeastern Minnesota ARMER system shall insure that there is a procedure for use of the SE‑911 talkgroup in the dispatch center for which they are responsible.


Dispatch center operators shall receive initial and continuing training on the use of this procedure.


The system managers and administrators will be responsible to see that this policy is implemented as defined in the system standards manual. Identified issues and concerns will be brought to the Southeastern Minnesota Regional Users committee meeting for resolution.

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