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SE MN Regional Radio Users Group
Tuesday, January 27, 2009
6:30pm – 8:00pm
Mayo High School Cafeteria, Rochester, MN

Attendance:   Quorum present   (23 persons attending)

Members present:
Rick Eggert, Dodge County
Matt Maas, Dodge County
Jim Cooper, Spring Valley Ambulance
Donovan Hauge, Mayo-EMS Freeborn
Steve Seipp, Freeborn County
Wayne Betcher, Goodhue Sheriff
Scott Myers, Red Wing
Joel Corcoran, Winona Fire
Mike Peterson, Winona Co PSAP
Andy Kronebusch, Ridgeway Fire
Melissa Burns, Rochester
Greg Roeder, Rochester Streets
John Taylor, Rice/Steele 911
Bruce Heitmann, Zumbro Falls Fire
Blaine Hentz, Wabasha Sheriff
Lyle Schumann, Lake City Police
Brenda Wodele, Wabasha Co Emergency Management
Allan Johnson, Caledonia PD
Jason Leahy, Houston County
Chris Arendt, Eyota Ambulance
Rick Freshwater, Olmsted Sheriff
Dan Mueller, Mayo-Olmsted
Jack Stansfield, Olmsted Co Public Works


Agenda Details:

1. Call Meeting to Order at 6:35pm

2. Requested tasks from Regional Radio Board were discussed

A. Training needs for the region
There was much discussion about the training needs for the region.  It was brought up that it is important that training does not happen too soon before agencies actually have the radios.  Rick Freshwater with Olmsted County advised that he is planning on training agencies as the need arises.  Rick advised that he would prefer to do train the trainer for the SE Region.  There will not be any charge for this training.  Rick advised he could travel anywhere in the region for training, the only requirement would be that the agency receiving the training would pay for the travel costs.  Rick advised that it is important that training should not take place until radios are ready and programmed.  As agencies come onto the system, they should coordinate with Rick Freshwater of Olmsted County for training.  Rick Freshwaters cell phone number is 507-254-0067.

B. Interoperability issues
Interoperability issues for the region were discussed.  It was determined that each county is going to have their own specific issues relating to interoperability.  Most of these issues can be taken care of through dispatch centers.  Dispatch centers can have patches that can take care of interoperability.  It was discussed that most any interoperability issue can be solved by having the right equipment, it will just boil down to money.  These issues will need to be handled at the local level as counties come onto the ARMER system.

Specific interoperability issues discussed:
* Ambulance services that have service areas in MN, WI, or Iowa need to communicate with different agencies.
* VHF paging – When law enforcement goes to 800 mhz system, then they will no longer be able to hear the dispatch centers paging ambulance and fire services.  Rick Freshwater advised this can be accomplished with the right equipment in the dispatch center and proper training of dispatchers, but again it will be a money issue.
* Will hospitals be able to handle pre-arrival information from ambulances bringing patients to them.  It was brought up that most hospitals do have 800 MHz radios, but they still need to be programmed.  Rick Freshwater advised he will be getting in touch with area hospitals about this issue.
* Communications for Law Enforcement agencies in boarder counties (MN, WI, Iowa)  Again, patches through the dispatch centers can help to address these issues locally.  There are also dual band radio available in which you can have VHF and 800 MHz on the radio, but they are expensive. 

C. Plain Speak Radio Usage Policy
The issue of plain speak radio usage was discussed.  The group felt it is important that we do not get too specific with policies regarding plain speak radio usage.  The group felt that it would be better to have some standards set and leave it at that.  It was discussed that it would be important to continue to use two 10 codes to be included in plain language usage.  These 10 codes would be 10-12 and 10-72. 

A copy of The ARMER Interoperability Committee recommendations regarding Plain Language Usage was handed out and there was some discussion about the recommendations.

A motion was made by Blaine Hentz to recommend ARMER Interoperability Committee Recommendations be adopted by the SE MN Regional Radio Board as a standard for Plain Language Usage.

Matt Maas seconded the motion and the motioned was approved by a voice vote. 

3. New Business

There was no new business to discuss

A motion was made by Joel Corcoran to adjourn.  It was seconded by Rick Eggert.  Motion was approved by voice vote.

4. Adjourned at 7:46pm


Next Meeting: 

       When:    Tuesday February 24, 2009 
       Time:     6:30pm – 8:00pm
       Place:   TBD

Minutes prepared by: Michael Peterson

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