The Regional Advisory Committee (RAC), Owners and Operators Committee, and Users Group are all meeting on Thursday May 20th.

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SE MN Regional Radio Users Group
Tuesday, August 25, 2009
6:30pm – 8:00pm
OCSO – Work Release Center classroom, Rochester, MN

Attendance:   Quorum present   (19 persons attending)

Members present:
Rick Eggert, Dodge County
Warren Miner, Hayfield Fire
Jim Cooper, Spring Valley Ambulance
Matt Schultz, Preston Police Department
Darren Hansen, Albert Lea Police Department
Nate Timm, Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office
Scott Myers, Red Wing
Joel Corcoran, Winona Fire
Mike Peterson, Winona Co PSAP
Dan Mueller, Mayo-Olmsted
Jack Stansfield, Rochester Public Works
John Rowan, Rice County
Barb Brewington, Rice/Steele 911
Mark Darnell, Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office
Rick Freshwater, Olmsted County
Brenda Wodele, Wabasha County Emergency Management
Lyle Peterson, St. Charles Fire Department
Kari Tompkins, MSP Rochester
Joe Immermann, Regional Healthcare Preprd


Agenda Details:

Meeting called to order at 6:33 pm by Michael Peterson

First item on the agenda was mileage reimbursement process/policy.  Judy Indrelie was going to be talking about this, but she was not yet at the meeting.  This item was skipped and would be returned to later.

The next item on the agenda was training.  Rick Freshwater gave an update on a statewide training initiative.  Pam Biladeau (TAG Coordinator) is heading up the Training Advisory Group (TAG).  The TAG is working on putting together training curriculums.  They are working on putting together training curriculums that will be available online. 

Mark Darnell spoke and wanted to remind everyone attending the user group meetings that it is very important that the information and decisions that are made at the meetings should be shared with their home agencies.  It was stressed that the decisions made at the user group meetings and then passed by the Regional Radio Board will affect the entire Southeast Region.  Once items are passed by the Regional Radio Board, the entire Southeast region will have to abide by those standards.  Because of this, it is important to keep everyone informed.
A question was then asked if Mark Darnell could explain the structure of the Radio Board and users group again.  Clarification of how things worked was needed.  Mark Darnell explained that the structure starts with the Statewide Radio Board.  From the Statewide Radio Board, there are then the Regional Radio Boards.  This includes the Southeast, South Central, Southwest, Central, Metro, Northeast and Northwest Regional Radio Boards.  The Regional Radio Boards are made up of Commissioners and have the authority to make financial and policy decisions.  Under each Regional Radio Board are the user groups.  It was explained that the user groups are where the rubber meets the road.  The user groups are made up of end radio users and they make recommendations to the Regional Radio Board about how they think the radios should be used, etc..  Then there is also a Radio Advisory Committee under each Regional Radio Board.  It was explained that they were off to the side and work on an advisory capacity to the Regional Radio Board.  It was also discussed that there will soon be an Owners and Operators committee formed in this region.  This will be more for the dispatch centers that will work with the radio system on radio consoles.  They will also report directly to the Regional Radio Board as the users Group does.  A flow chart was drawn on the board to help explain this.  

Judy Indrelie of Olmsted County talked about the mileage reimbursement process/policy.  Judy went through the process to get reimbursed for mileage and meals for attending user group meetings and the necessary forms and policy were handed out.  Judy advised that mileage will only be reimbursed to those who do not use County/City owned vehicles.  Also mileage will not be paid to County/City officials who are already receiving a salary or per diem.  It was asked when reimbursement started.  Judy advised she would look it up and get back to the group.  Here is the information from Judy about the effective date of the reimbursement grant.

The effective date of this grant is May 1, 2009.

* Had to drive personal car
* Had to be a committee member
* Had to have signed in and signature match the reimbursement form.

A discussion about the fleetmap that had been passed at the July meeting was then discussed.  It was discussed that the users group needs to create protocols and standards to go along with the Southeast Region fleetmap before it was brought to the Regional Radio Board for approval.  Some of these protocols were discussed at previous meetings, but nothing had been written down.  Some of the protocols discussed were:
 SE 911 will need to be monitored by all PSAPs in the Southeast Region
 The OPS channels will need to be assigned by the PSAP in the County needing the OPS channels.
 OPS channels should be assigned from the lowest to the highest for incidents and for training they should be assigned from highest to the lowest.

The question was asked, how will someone from one county be able to talk to someone from another county.  It was recommended by Mark Darnell that it would work for the person to go the Southeast 911 and identify themselves and radio the PSAP of the individual they are trying to reach.  That PSAP can then advise both parties to go to an available OPS channel to talk. 

It was recommended by Mark Darnell that we look at the entire fleetmap and answer 2 questions for each area.  The questions are:  Who is going to monitor and who will talk on it.  It was also discussed that it is impossible to write a standard with that many people.  Michael Peterson advised that he would work on taking the ideas discussed at the meeting and put them in writing in the form of a standard and bring it to the net meeting for discussion.  That way there would be a starting place for the users group. 

One other issue was brought up at the end of the meeting.  It was brought by Rick Freshwater that a future agenda items should be a numbering system for the Southeast Regional Standards. 

There was a motion and a second to adjourn.  The motion passed unanimously.  The meeting ended at 7:50pm.

   Next Meeting: 

       When:      September 22, 2009
       Time:     6:30pm – 8:00pm
       Place:   TBD

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