The Regional Advisory Committee (RAC), Owners and Operators Committee, and Users Group are all meeting on Thursday May 20th.

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SE MN Regional Radio Owners & Operators Committee

Meeting Minutes

Thursday, February 18, 2010

10:00 a.m. to Noon

Rochester Public Utilities Building Conference Room

4000 East River Road

Rochester, MN



  1. Meeting was called to order by Vice-Chair, Wayne Betcher at 10:00am


  1. Introduction of Participants/Roll Call


In Attendance:

Vickie Storlie/Freeborn County

Darren Hanson/Freeborn County

Dave Thompson/Rochester PD

Kari Tompkins/Rochester State Patrol

Rick Eggert/Dodge County

Joe Rau/Dodge County

Mike Peterson/Winona County

Mark Olson/Houston County

Mike Olson/Houston County

Melissa Burns/Rochester PD

Barb Brewington/Rice/Steele

Gary Mulleneaux/Rochester PD

Blaine Hentz/Wabasha County

Dee Holm/Goodhue County

Wayne Betcher/Goodhue County


  1. Mileage Re-imbursement Information

To receive re-imbursement, you must have driven your personal vehicle.  You must have signed up on the meeting sign up sheet that shows the date, time and location of the meeting.  The request must be submitted by the county.  Per Barb Brewington, you must also submit a time sheet and copy of your paycheck along with the request form.  (Forms are available from Judy Indrelie/Olmsted County.)  Judy will be present at one of our next meetings to explain the whole process.   


  1. SE Regional Talkgroup Standards

Mike Peterson and Dave Thompson explained the standards passed by the Users Group. 

SE—911 Talkgroup

·         Must be monitored by all dispatch centers

·         Is designed as a “hailing” channel, to re-direct non-emergency communications to an alternative talkgroup of their choice.

·         Day to day interagency urgent or emergency mutual aid situations.

·         For roaming regional users to contact the nearest dispatch center for urgent or emergency communications.

Use of ARMER Statewide Talkgroup – Vehicle Pursuits

·         The pursuing agency will determine the correct statewide channel by using the “Status Board” and “check out” that channel for their use. 

·         The pursuing agency will patch their current operating talkgroup to the first available L-TAC channel or if they are all in use, then to available S-TAC channel.

·         An announcement of the channel use will be made at the time of the patch origin and at the conclusion of its use.

Use of ARMER SE -- ATACs and SE --  PTACs

·         ATACs are required in all public safety and public service mobiles, poratables, bases and dispatch consoles in SE MN ARMER region.

·         PTACs are required in all public safety mobiles, portables, bases and dispatch centers in SE MN ARMER region.

·         Are designed as a regional talkgroup to facilitate communications between agencies that do not normally communicate with each other.

·         Can be in only one “patch” whether hard or soft.

·         Multi-Agency incidents will follow the incident command and management structure specified under NIMS.

Each Agency should establish their own policy and procedures that adheres to the Regional Standards.  A full copy of the Standards, protocols and procedures can be found on the SE MN Regional Radio Board website.

  1. New Business

Logger issues with 800 Mhz

·         MCS7500 consoles come with NICE Scenario Replay as default logger recorder. Instant recall only records “Selected” channel.  Also, cannot be put on local network without a Firewall in place.  This creates problems for most dispatch centers, however some work-a-rounds are available. 

·         Users on the ARMER system could have a shared resource and have the logging done regionally.  NE region is looking at doing that now.


Check Owners & Operators Committee By-Laws to make sure they match Joint Powers          Agreement. 

Last meeting minutes were read and approved by Barb Brewington and 2nd by Mark Olson


Meeting was Adjourned at 1109 by Rick Eggert and 2nd by Blaine Hentz

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