The Regional Advisory Committee (RAC), Owners and Operators Committee, and Users Group are all meeting on Thursday May 20th.

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SE MN Regional Radio Board

Meeting Minutes

Monday, February 1, 2010

12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Rochester Public Utilities

4000 East River Road N.E.

Rochester, MN


1)  Meeting was called to order by Chair Bryant at 12:40 Hours.


Members in Attendance:                                                          Others in Attendance:

David Erickson/Dodge County                                                            Rick Freshwater

Tom Kaase/Fillmore County                                                    Dennis Hausman

Jim Bryant/Goodhue County                                                   Tim Heroff

Mark Darnell/Olmsted County                                                 Judy Indrelie

Tom Shea/Steele County                                                          Mike Mazzitello

Tom Dwelle/Wabasha County                                                 Jeff Nelson

Marcia Ward/Winona County                                                  Mike Peterson

                                                                                                Kevin Torgerson

                                                                                                Jean Westberg


2)  Welcome & Introduction


3)  Approval of Agenda

No quorum to approve agenda.

Indrelie requested to add audit, update on Homeland Security grant funds and 2010 HSEM grant application to agenda.  Bryant added these items as e, f and g under #5 Old Business.

Freshwater requested to add discussion on who will handle system management in SE Region to agenda.  Bryant added this as #6 under New Business and changed For the Good of the Membership to #7.


4)  Approval of Minutes for December 14, 2009 Meeting

No quorum; put on next agenda.

5)  Approval of Financials for December and YE 2009

No quorum; put on next agenda.

6)  Old Business

     1)  RAC Update – Mark Darnell

           Last meeting cancelled due to weather.   Prior meeting stressed that Counties get their Participation Plans in no

           later than the March RRB meeting for approval to qualify for grant funding.   Next RAC meeting February 18,

           1:00 p.m. at Rochester Public Utilities.


     2)  SE Region Team to Interoperable Communications Policy Forum in Mobile, AL – Judy Indrelie

          Team going to this forum to represent SE (Indrelie, Kaase, Freshwater); Steve Borchardt will attend to

           represent State February 24-26 in Mobile, AL.


     3)  County/City ARMER Updates

          Erickson noted that Dodge County intends to meet March deadline with their Participation Plan.  Darnell stated that

          Wabasha County would be presenting theirs today for approval.  Fillmore County has voted to join ARMER.




     4)  Federal Engineering – Dennis Hausman

    No quorum; approval of this report to be put on next agenda.  Hausman presented their results based on the

    studies that were done in SE and noted that they did not do all of the studies in the area.  Results were that

    needs for Counties in this area are all the same with same needs being found across the State, except for Metro

    area.  Ron Whitehead will be taking FE’s report and reports done by other firms and combining them all into

    final report to be completed within next few months.  

           Shea asked for copy of FE’s Power Point to be shared with individual Boards.  Darnell will e-mail this to RRB.


     5)  Grants Update – Judy Indrelie

          a.  2010 IECGP Update

               Will receive $57,000 for first responder training for radio usage, etc.  Won’t be available until fall.  $67,000 will  

               be available for TIC planning and exercise training; Emergency Managers will be looking at this.


          b.  2009 IECGP Grant

               No quorum present to vote to allow Indrelie to acquire these funds ($60,000); have until end of March to have

               this action approved. 


           c.  PSIC Grant Re-allocation Update

               Have two PSIC grants; Public Safety and Interoperability grant for equipment; can spend up to $54,000 on

               Radios; will be reimbursed for 80%.  In this grant, $18,000 is M&A money.  Second PSIC grant Management

               and Administrative funds for $24,600 which have been matched with $500 per participant.  Were told end of

               2009 that State was not allowed to give these funds at local level; will have to be re-categorized.   Probably

               will not need match funds any longer, but Indrelie asked that participants still budget for this because money is

               being spent that may not be covered by new category.  We have spent $8,500 of the $24,600; have spent $900 of  

               the $18,000 M&A money.


           d.  2008 IECGP grant funds are available to pay OT for those who do not have funds in their budget for this and

                need to have representation at the committee meetings.

                Indrelie reported that State has approved using 2008 IECGP grant funds to pay OT for those who do not have

                funds to send those who need to attend meetings, but it needs to be discussed by the RRB; some concerns from

                RAC about equity of dollars, who would get what and what if someone didn’t use it, etc. 

   Bryant added that recommendation to RRB today was to put this discussion back to Owners Operators and 

   Users Groups to discuss and bring a solution to the RAC to be brought to RRB.  Erickson expressed concern

   about tracking how these funds are used.  Members were in agreement to have the Owners Operators and

   Users talk about this and decide whether or not there are issues.


           e.  Audit

                Finance Committee discussed today; Shea felt that this Committee could recommend that Indrelie proceed

                with seeking an RFP or draft one to be brought to next meeting since there was no quorum to vote on this.

                Type of audit for 2010, 2011 will differ from 2009 audit.  Indrelie stated rule is that if you spend more $500,000

                Federal funds in one year, have to have an A-133 audit.  Did not spend that much in 2009, but will definitely

                spend it in 2010 and probably in 2011.  Shea stated Finance Committee recommended structuring RFP to do

                general audit for 2009 and an A-133 audit for 2010 and 2011.  Audit(s) to be discussed in future.


           f.  Update on Homeland Security Grant Funds

                Earmarked to be used for VHF, UHF interoperability.  Received memo from Ron Whitehead stating State

                feels we have done what need to do for VHF, UHF interoperability so asking to reallocate funds for other

                purposes – to add patching channels to backbone in our Region, add control stations or VHF monitoring

                capabilities to be linked to ARMER or to fund ARMER subscriber units for government agencies.  Indrelie

                has not heard whether or not these funds have been approved yet; she will keep updated.


          g.  2010 HSEM Grant Application

                $5M designated to DECN; Indrelie needs to put in justifications for where money is needed; deadline is

                February 19.  Indrelie asked that members e-mail her ideas for these funds; she will discuss with Steve

   Borchardt to find out what others are doing.  Bryant recommended since Finance Committee already approved   

   this, consensus of this group was for Indrelie to proceed.


     6)  State Interoperability Update

          No update was given.


     7)  EOC Update – Kevin Torgerson

          Mark Marcy is new Regional Coordinator; he is working with State HSEM and wants to tie in all Regional groups. 

          Part of one of EM grants allowed for a Regional Planner to plan how to move forward with Regional training. 

          $5M available Statewide 2010 HSEM grant, Counties will be competing for funds; contradictory to how handled

          previously as a collaborative effort.       


     8)  User Committee Update – Mike Peterson

          User Group will be meeting the 3rd Thursday of the month (same day as Owners & Operators Committee & RAC

          meet) at 6:30 p.m. to accommodate those coming from out of town that would like to attend more than one of these


          By-Laws do not match with the RRB and they are rewriting them so that their group can bring things to the RAC

          first and then to the RRB, since it is written in reverse order in their current By-Laws.

          Peterson asked if the RRB would like them to be working on anything other than developing Standards.  Bryant

          replied that they may want to consider sending someone from their group to the Alabama forum.  He also urged

          them to work on planning general radio training as funds are available for this through IECGP grant. 


     9)  Owner & Operators Update – Mark Darnell

          Group has only met once; January meeting was cancelled due to weather.  Held election of officers and discussed

          their By-Laws.  Gary Mulleneaux is Chair.  Plan to meet monthly on 3rd Thursday of month from 10:00-noon at

          Rochester Public Utilities.


   10)  Insurance Update – Mark Darnell

          Last meeting authorized to award to insurance company submitting lowest bid for liability insurance effective

          01/01/10; money in budget.   Bid received from MCIT for $2,177; have not received bid from League of MN

          Cities; have promised to send a proposal and have not received anything following numerous contacts with them.

          Consensus was, since RRB previously authorized securing insurance with lowest bid and since Finance Committee

          also approved this action, that contract be awarded to MCIT to acquire coverage ASAP.


   11)  SEMN RRB Website (tabled at 12/14/09 meeting) – Tim Heroff

          Dave Thompson was unable to attend this meeting, had intended to bring his proposal, will bring to next meeting;       

          he has started to refresh existing website and wants future minutes, agendas to be sent to him so that they can be

          posted.  Darnell has been forwarding these as soon as he gets them.


   12)   Any Other Old Business

           No other old business was brought up for discussion.


7)  New Business

       1)   TIC Plan Template

             Attachment prepared by Harry Algyer and e-mailed to members prior to this meeting will be addressed at March



<!--[if !supportLists]-->2)      <!--[endif]-->MN Public Safety Interop Communications Conference – April 28-30 – Judy Indrelie

Steve Borchardt recommended Chairs, Vice Chairs, staff from each Committee, RRB, Emergency

Managers attend.  Registration normally $125 each, but if sponsored by RRB, cost $50 each.  Indrelie

will send one check to them after sign-up completed by April 5 meeting.  Indrelie has an agenda; will send to RRB and other Committees.  Travel, lodging and meals not covered at conference will be covered by IECGP grant.  Possible location St. Cloud.  Scheduled to start April 28 p.m., run all day April 29 and until 1:30 p.m. April 30 including lunch.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->3)      <!--[endif]-->Motion to Change Allowable Mileage Reimbursement Rate to Follow That of Federal IRS Rates from

$0.55 to $.50/Mile

              2010 Federal mileage reimbursement rate is $0.50/Mile.   Vote tabled until next meeting.


<!--[if !supportLists]-->4)      <!--[endif]-->Determine Special Meeting Date in March for Participation Plan Approvals

Consensus by members was to hold this meeting on Monday, March 22, at 1:00 p.m. at Rochester Public Utilities.  It is imperative that there be a quorum present at this meeting.  Bryant directed that this meeting will be held primarily for approval of pending Participation Plans to meet the March deadline.


<!--[if !supportLists]-->5)      <!--[endif]-->Wabasha County – ARMER PSAP Participation Plan – Jeff Nelson

Plan was to be presented for approval at last RAC meeting, but it was cancelled due to weather.  Two part plan; first part Dispatch Center portion; attempting to move into new building in April; majority of equipment ordered and delivered; need approval to hook up equipment.  Second part of Plan will be ready for approval at March meeting.  Tabled until next meeting.


<!--[if !supportLists]-->6)      <!--[endif]-->Responsibility for SE Region System Management – Rick Freshwater

Participation Plans require naming a System Manager; State prefers having one person per Region.  Freshwater has been doing this for our Region until this point.  Responsibility is to create ID for each radio; person doing this must attend training in Schaumburg, IL at cost of $4,000; Freshwater and Dave Thompson have attended this training.  Each jurisdiction will have to appoint someone to program their radios; as far as Fleet Mapping; this class costs $800.  System Manager creates IDs at system level, accesses ARMER backbone and works directly on database to create and manage IDs on the system.  All system management can be done from Freshwater’s office.  Concern is that Freshwater is only one doing this; Freshwater recommended that Thompson be his back-up, if necessary.  He also proposed appointing Olmsted County as local System Administrator with he and Thompson in place creating and managing all IDs in the system; Olmsted County is in favor of this action; this would save each jurisdiction the cost of sending someone to school to learn the process.

Freshwater stressed that without RRB approval to appoint someone such as himself as System Manager, there is no binding service in place.  Ward asked if Counties would be charged for this service.  Freshwater advised there will be no charge because EM paid for Freshwater to attend school and, in turn, they are offering these services free of charge, except instances involving requests for him to come to help with a radio issue; would have to charge for mileage, etc. in these cases. 

Freshwater added that, as Counties do their plans, they should be putting Olmsted County (Freshwater and Thompson) in as System Manager.  Heroff asked and authorized that Dave Thompson be named as back-up.  Bryant asked that a resolution be written to request these actions to be presented to the RRB for their approval at next meeting.


<!--[if !supportLists]-->7)      <!--[endif]-->For the Good of the Membership

Nothing was brought up for discussion.


8)  Adjournment


Meeting adjourned at 14:33 Hours.

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by Jean Westberg


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