The Regional Advisory Committee (RAC), Owners and Operators Committee, and Users Group are all meeting on Thursday May 20th.

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SE MN Radio Advisory CommitteeMeeting MinutesThursday, March 18, 20101:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.Rochester Public Utilities4000 East River Road N.E.Rochester, MN

 1)  Meeting was called to order by Chair Darnell at 13:00 Hours.

 In Attendance:                                                                                                             Dave Thomson/City of Rochester                    Steve Borchardt/State of MN DECNScott McNurlin/Goodhue County                    Daryl Jensen/Fillmore County             Nate Timm/Goodhue County                           Doug Ely/Houston County                   Scott Yeiter/Houston County                           Mark May/Mower County                                                                   Mark Darnell/Olmsted County (Chair)             Mary Baret/Mayo Clinic Med Transport ECC                          Michael Peterson/Winona County                    Matt Maas/Dodge County                    Rick Freshwater/Olmsted County                    Jim Daley/City of Rochester                Jim Trihey/Dodge County                                Joe Rau/Dodge County                        Barb Brewington/Rice/Steele County               Steve VonWald/Olmsted County                                 Jeff Nelson/PSC Alliance                                      Andy Terry/SEHBlaine Hentz/Wabasha County                              Mike Mazzitello/Geo Comm                                                                 Shari Schmidt/Motorola                                                                                                                                                           

 2)  Guest Welcome and Introduction  

3)  Approval of Agenda  - Darnell requested to add changes under “h” =Steele Co Participation Plan – Jeff Nelson, remove’k” there will be no Grant update and under “q” =Red Cross Participation Plan – Dave Thomson   Motion by Jensen/Hentz to approve today’s revised agenda.  Motion carried unanimously. Kari Haarstad will be filling in for Jean Westberg taking minutes for the next couple of meeting as Jean is out on medical leave.   

4)  Approval of Minutes for the February 18, 2010 Meeting:

Motion by Thomson/Hentz to approve the February 18, 2010 minutes as written.   Motion carried unanimously. 

5)  Open Issuesa)  Goodhue County Progress Update – Scott McNurlin Getting tower site finished up.  Delay with one of the co-locations, we were working with one of the vendor to get a lease agreement done and now that is finished.   That’s a big piece for both the State and ourselves, we need that tower to go on.  Starting to put microwave linkage in and one of our sites is fairly complete.  We are looking at anyway from May to June transition.  We will be looking at doing training sometime in May or June.  No questions.  

b)  Freeborn County Progress Update – Sheriff Mark Harig 

c)  Rice County Progress Update – Jeff  Nelson            Participation Plan/ Console Plan –  They seek to be a full participant on the ARMER System.  Today there is two radio sites that MNDOT has in operation one is in Lonsdale the other is in Faribault those operate on an ISR configuration, basically stand alone sites.  Each with a handful of channels, Faribault has 6 and Lonsdale has 6.  Proposal reconfigures those into a simulcast cluster. Added those together and then freeing up some channels and adding new site in Dundas.  They have offered their water tower for that purpose. Seven channel simulcast cluster increasing one more channel.  There are 406 public safety radios, 162 public works radios and if they all come on board it would make 568 radios to the system.  Rice Co plans to migrate on in 2011 and dispatch center would migrate this summer.  Rice and Steele Co. have been awarded a contract for the joint dispatch center for the console equipment.  The concerns are the number of the talk groups on the Fleet map for Rice Co. and that is the will of the users.Questions:  Darnell:  The amount of the talk groups on the Fleet map – what are your feelings the State is going to do with that?   Nelson:  My sense is that there is going to be a request to take a second look at the request groups and try to scale it back. Brewington: We have way too many talk groups that I think will be addressed by the State and we are going to try to get Tim Lee to come down and talk to folks. Borchardt:  A good resource on this may be Regional Interoperable Coordinator from the Central Region Tom Hannon who is engaged in a fair amount of this.  He brings good prospective to what they went through in St. Cloud and Stearns County.  Thomson: Has there been any talk of bringing Steele County into the simulcast group since they work so closely together?  Nelson: Actually under the Steele County plan there is a configuration that would add an ISR site down there that would take some of the channels out of Rice County.  Steele County is not currently configured as a simulcast cluster and it is a more expensive architecture, the thought is to add channels in Steele County but not do it as a simulcast.  Doing that would free up more channels. 

d)  Wabasha County Progress Update – Jeff NelsonLimited plan and is to get the Wabasha County dispatch center console connected into the system.  Connect the criminal justice center in Wabasha and down to the Alma site.  There is adequate capacity at the Alma site.  The current plan before you is to add 3 console positions at the Wabasha Criminal Justice Center connected through Alma back to Rochester.  Hentz:  I do have a Coop agreement that our lawyer is looking at to present to the board with the Alma site hopefully get approval next Tuesday from the board on that. Darnell:  That will be submitted to the Board at that time. Hentz: Yes. Darnell:  OK

 e)  Winona County Progress Update – Andy TerryThe plan highlights is the Table of Contents the DPS had posted those elements that they would like to see in a Participation Plan and we believe this plan is consistent with the State guidelines and with the desires of both the Public Safety and the DOT.  Gives background talking about the previous work that Winona County had done in assessing their radio communication migration needs. The State ARMER backbone is up and operational in many parts of Winona County.  The State has 6 tower sites within Winona County that are already operational.  Would like to be a full participant on the ARMER System.  They do have some elements of local enhancements that they would like to propose for the backbone system.  The State system is a 5 channel system at those 6 sites so they do intend to add channel capacity at each of the existing 6 sites to bring it up to 6 channels.  They do intend to add an additional site making use of the one of their current sites at Garvin Heights Tower.  Frequency coordination and frequency assignment work needs to be completed with work with MNDOT. Based on mobile subscriber count estimating about 238 Law Enforcement radios, 318 Fire radios, 181 Public Works radio if they all do the migration.  Fleet map count they are looking at 51 new talk groups on the system.  Timeline is looking at migration in the third quarter of 2011.  Little over a year.  No questions. 

f)  Houston County Progress Update – Scott YeiterTuesday the ARMER resolution was approved by County Board.  Working with Fillmore County  hopefully on the Participation Plan trying to find a vendor to do both and save some travel and expense there.  No questions.  

 g)  Fillmore County Progress Update – Sheriff JensenStarting with discussions and working with Houston County.    

 h)  Steele County Progress Update – Jeff NelsonRice and Steele County contemplates 5 positions of both ARMER and Legacy radio access.  There are about 665 total radios that have been identified between Public Works and Public Safety users.  The largest single public user is in Owatonna Public Utilities and they is some question as to if they would migrate or not, but they are included in on the count.  There are about 353 Public Safety Radios so there is about an even split for both public safety and public works so if Public Works did back out there would be a significant number of ids that would be accessed.  Plan to migrate in 2012 currently financial issue for them.  Fleet map is a little bit trimmer.  Rice county and Steele County and the dispatch center are not seeking a network capability.  Posing to have one site NE of the City of Owatonna called 26th Street watertank.  No questions. 

i)  Dodge County Progress Update – Mike MazzitelloLocal equipment and additions enhancements – adding a site possible or not would be in the middle of the County, Kasson-Mantorville area and that depends whether or not the coverage is there from the existing sites.  Some tests will be done on coverage area.  Approximately 348 radios in the system.  We are looking at 25 to 35 work groups.  With the additions of any schools that may have to increase.  Timline is 12 to 18 months to accomplish most systems.  Questions:  Darnell:  I may have missed it how many radios did you say?  Mazzitello: about 348 radios and about 25 talk groups so far.  

j)  Operations & Technical Committee update – Rick FreshwaterThe whole meeting was going over Participation Plans and Ron White had spoke quite a bit on Grant stuff and I can’t explain all the Grant details and if you need more about that check with Ron.  Most of the OTC meetings from here on out will be going over Participation Plans at this point. Hentz: Wabasha did put in a request for them also.  Freshwater: We will be taking that to the OTC meeting next month and there should not be any issues with that.  

 Technical Contract proposal – Rick FreshwaterWe took to the RRB we proposed that Olmsted County take on the network management for regional.  Rick Freshwater being the primary and if he got hit by a bus Dave Thomson would take over.  Anyone’s network management ID, talk groups, etc.  you could contact us instead of contacting the State directly and we will take care of it for the 11 counties throughout the region.  Just remember that some people are going to be coming on all at the same time so it might take a week or so to get your id’s in.  No more than two weeks probably. 

k)  Grant Update – Judy IndrelieNot available 

m)  Interoperability Update / TIC Plan Update – Steve Borchardt/Mark Darnell

Interoperability Update -  Regional Talk Group Fleet Map – SRB to standardize and dictate the regional format so everyone would use the same format.  They have not changed their minds at this time.  They see that should be a regional issue that you do as you chose.  They are not inclined to step in and dictate at this time.   Talked to Hannan and he did not have an updated Agenda yet to send about the conference coming up in April, registration should be coming up real soon on that.  Training issues - Presentation put together by Borchardt and Freshwater for the SE User Committee last Thursday.  We may have missed the boat a little on the training.  They might have thought we were going to get more radio specific kinds of training but that is difficult at this time as not everyone has radios and we did not have radios for everyone to have one in front of them.  If we will continue to do that we will have some fine tuning to do.  That brought up about Goodhue and Freeborn County for training competency and essential components.  State standards do state that everyone must have training but does not state what that training should be. We have thousands of users that have been trained but there is no annex to the standards right now that specify what the core competencies are that must be covered.  They are now working on a draft to be ready by RAC meeting in April.  Goodhue will want training in May and we are not sure if we will have the list ready yet.  Rick and I will be working on this for at least the SE counties.  It will have to be indivualized and standardized to the extent.  Will be talking to the Owner’s and Operator’s Committee.  They did not have a meeting this morning but I was hoping to have that discussion.  Rick spoke and he and Nate are trying to put together a radio user training for each individual discipline for Goodhue County just to take the pressure off and see how that goes.  Probably get a comprehensive one to get together for the rest of the region.  Steve – we have a long way to go but at least we have a start.  Hentz asked if we could get some documentation on this so the rest of the Counties can go through it.  Rick advised he does have an outline that he could send.  The difference will be the radio you plan on buying.  He is focusing on the Motorola at this time.   

Update on National Interoperability Conference -  This was attended by Borchardt, Freshwater, Indrelie and Kosse.  Rick spoke on how everyone is fitting on the National level.  Basically, what we discovered is that Minnesota is quite a ways ahead of most everyone in the Nation.  The tabletop exercises took you State by State and MN was pretty much good to go except for training.  Steve added that it was a good refresher and it expresses that governance and policies and procedures are more important than technical ability.  Darnell added the SafeCom continuum was also shown to User’s Group at that training and it would be a good thing for everyone to take a look at.  Go into the State Armer site, State Radio Board site, interesting to look at.  Brewington asked if the state could hire someone to put a training program together. Darnell – They did and she is Pam Bildadeu and she has gone on to a different job so it was temporarily suspended.  Now I got an email from Scott Wiggins and they are going to be taking another look at that.  Borchardt added that at first they added a lot of people that don’t know what was needed and now we are back at the beginning and can look at the people that already migrated what they think they needed to know.    McNurlin asked if we still had 83 grand in PSAP money for training that has not been touched that has to be spent by Sept of this year.  Darnell advised it got extended, I think to March.  NcNurlin – we still have 83,000 to develop training.  That money is sitting there and we hate to see that go back.  Timm as Rick stated earlier the problem with the online training is that the radios will be programmed differently and that could make it difficult.  Freshwater added that the basics are pretty general but each button can be programmed differently.  Unless the State would come by and mandate how the radio should be program but that would be pretty hard to do. 

TIC Plan – Mark DarnellHarry is still working on the TIC Plan and that will be presented at the next meeting.  TIC plan in its entirety.     

 n)  State Update – Tim Lee / Tom HannonNo one available for update.

o)  HSEM Update – Matt MaasThe JP is actually establishing a Board now to continue forward for the qualification of the Grant funds.  No specific information and we have a little bit of trickle down from where the 2000 Grant funds are going to come in, but we are not going to share any details yet. Hoping within the next month to where those funds are going to be allocated.  Darnell added that they did agree to put the JPB together.  Maas – that is correct.  Darnell – how about the money from that is there an agreement on that? Maas – as far as who will be fiscal agent on that?  No there is not an agreement established yet, one other county, LeSueur County, is looking in retaining the idea.  Next month meeting we should know more.  Brewington asked where the board members come from?  Maas – board members are actually emergency management and members that have been appointed by the County board to be part of the JP Association and then elected through that association to be original powers.   

p)  Radio Users Group Update – Mike PetersonThe training that Rick and Steve put on we had great attendance for that meeting. I have been working on planning the tabletop exercise and we are going to the RRB Board meeting next week to try to get their blessing on doing this exercise, because they are grant $ that will help us cover the cost of the exercise including the meal.  Tentative date is April 8, 2010 if the RRB approves it.  The initial response that I have gotten it sounds like we will have good attendance on that as well.  Brewington – do you know where you are going to hold that yet?  Peterson – no we don’t because there are a couple of places,  Rochester Event Center, there is also other training going on that day but they still had room. Also Willow Creek to look at as an option.  VonWald – How many people are you expecting to attend?  Peterson - We are anticipating about 60 people.  Peterson advised that since this is grant $ it does have to paid for upfront and then they will be reimbursed so we will need to look at someone being able to do that.  I did get the Mower County Admistrator to agree to pay for it up front this time.  

q)  Owners & Operators Group Update – Gary MulleneauxCancelled today’s meeting and I did talk to Gary last week or so and let him know it was important to have these meetings.

 r)  New Business

a)      Any New Business for the Good of the MembershipRed Cross Participation plan. – Dave ThomsonThe SE MN Chapter of the Red Cross – there is a Statewide Standard 5.2 that talks about DRO(Disaster Relief Organization) they have purchased radios through Grants and they plan on loading the ID through the City of Rochester ID Pool.  We plan on loading no more than 20  radio ID.  Talk groups for the area, they will not be adding any talk groups there are 4 Statewide DRO talk groups and 2 other Statewide talk groups.       

  b)   Contract from Freeborn County -  Darnell I did receive just prior to this meeting a contract from Freeborn County between Freeborn County, RRB and the State of MN DOT for the design, procurement, construction and operation of the 800 MHz system.  This committee does not have to do anything with this other than just like our participation plans we read through them and pass them on to the RRB.  If it is ok with the Board along with these participation plans if there are no objections, if you trust me to read through this contract and if I don’t see any problems forward it on to the RRB, I will do so.  Also the same with all the participation plans that were presented today, unless there is a problem with anything, other than what was brought up, I will bring up the two questions that I have written down I will bring those up to the board.  Please let me know now if not I will forward it on to the board.      c)      Sheriff Albers advised that Rick Eggert had just lost his wife at a long battle with cancer.  Please keep the Eggert family in your prayers.  


Motion by Albers/Jensen to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried unanimously.   Meeting adjourned at 14:10 Hours. 

Next Meeting Dates

Next Special RRB Meeting is March 22, 2010 at 1:00 at Rochester Public Utilities.

Next RRB meeting scheduled for Monday, April 5, 2010 at 12:30 at Rochester Public Utilities.  

Next RAC meeting scheduled for Thursday, April 15, 2010 at 13:00 at Rochester Public Utilities.  

Minutes respectfully submitted by Kari Haarstad. 

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