The Regional Advisory Committee (RAC), Owners and Operators Committee, and Users Group are all meeting on Thursday May 20th.

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SE MN Radio Advisory CommitteeMeeting MinutesThursday, April 15, 20101:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.Rochester Public Utilities4000 East River Road N.E.Rochester, MN 

1)  Meeting was called to order by Chair Darnell at 13:00 Hours. 

In Attendance:                                                 Dave Thomson/City of Rochester                    Steve Borchardt/State of MN DECNDaryl Jensen/Fillmore County                         Rick Eggert/Dodge CountyDoug Ely/Houston County                               Mark Harig/Freeborn CountyScott Yeiter/Houston County                           Mark May/Mower County                                                                    Mark Darnell/Olmsted County (Chair)             Judy Indrelie/Olmsted County                         Michael Peterson/Winona County                    Steve VonWald/Olmsted County                     Rick Freshwater/Olmsted County                    Jim Trihey/Dodge County                                                        Barb Brewington/Rice/Steele County               Andy Terry/SEHBlaine Hentz/Wabasha County                             Shari Schmidt/MotorolaRodney Bartsh/Wabasha County                     Paul Bostrack/City of WinonaJoe Rau/Dodge County                                                Brenda Wodele/Wabasha CountyJim Daley/City of Rochester                            Gary Mulleneaux/City of RochesterDave Fidelman/                                                           Wes Webb/COM-TECLeland Ottman/GMAAS      Kari Haarstad/Olmsted County              


 2)  Guest Welcome and Introduction  3)  Approval of Agenda  - Today is April 15 and not March 18.  The next RAC meeting is May 20, 2010 not the 21st. 

 Motion by Bartsh/Thomson to approve today’s revised agenda.  Motion carried unanimously. 4)  Approval of Minutes for the March 18, 2010 Meeting:Motion by Jensen/Bostrack to approve the March 18, 2010 minutes as written.   Motion carried unanimously. 

I.      5)  Open Issues

a)      Goodhue County Progress Update –Sheriff Albers  - not present

Mark Darnell advised that they are right on track and looking at May 10 for target date.

b)      Freeborn County Progress Update – Sheriff Harig

System is being built right now with installation of microwave equipment. Personally he is trying to finalize this Armor agreement with Freeborn Co. and MNDOT and Motorola.  I have 2/3 of my signatures so I will hopefully get that submitted this week to MNDOT. 

·         Detail Design Document – Bre Krech/Motorola

Shari Schmidt went over the process that is being taken on the Participation Plans (preliminary plans) as they go through the OTC and what is expected.  Participation plan is the initial plan of what you are going to need to join Armor. Some counties the projects are pretty straight forward and were accepted as final plans. Some counties out there have decisions that need to be made like what consoles they need to put in or if they need to add a tower or don’t we.  They can’t answer that in the next 30 days so what was decided was that they would approve this plan with the caviate that you are going to come back and answer these questions before you try to install anything.  Dave Thomson - Of the 16 Participation plans that went through only 2 of them were fully accepted and the other 14 were accepted preliminarily. They were fairly minor details, but the State wants these nailed down before let you in the shelter buildings.  Shari – Rick Freshwater asked that the OTC post these processes on the website and help us understand the steps we have to take.  I recommend that you follow up on this and put on the agenda for next OTC. So if there are any open questions that need to be answered you will have to go back to the OTC after they are answered for final approval. Then once you contract with Motorola they will design the Detail Design Document and I will be bringing that Detail Design Document to this board and the OTC as part of my responsibility with you.

Bre Krech – No major changes to Freeborn’s original Participation Plan except they did purchase an option to install a backup console across the street from their dispatch in case they needed to evacuate the building.  I do have a copy of the Detail Design Document with drawings and diagrams for what is being added. 

Mark Darnell - The RAC does not vote on these plans but if you have any thoughts or concerns on these plans you need to let me know so I can take that to the RRB and they will be voting on these in June and then they will go to the State.

Sheriff Harig – once our plan was finalize we went through it line by line and all the equipment would ship so it was on sight.  We have weekly conference calls with them where they update us on what they are working on this week and what to expect to coordinate with our local people to get extra cable or electrical circuits added.  It has been working very smoothly.  So once it was finalized it seem to be going easy.

Mark Darnell – you can see the frustration on everyone’s face and I will share the frustration on the lack of communication on these plans.    

c)      Rice County Progress Update – Barb Brewington

They are looking at 1st or 2nd quarter of 2011 and Steele Co. is looking at the 1st or 2nd quarter of 2012 for coming on.  We have ordered our new dispatch furniture and Motorola radios and we are about one month behind schedule.  We should have our new equipment in by July.

d)     Wabasha County Progress Update – Sheriff Bartsh / Blaine Hentz

Working on our new dispatch, getting furniture installed. When we will be operating on the Armor system I don’t know, certainly by the deadline.

e)      Winona County Progress Update – Sheriff Brand / Mike Peterson

Still waiting for our Participation Plan to get passed through State Radio Board.  Met with OTC and understand it was approved and just not knowing the Conventional Channel Gateway number will be.  Migration goal is middle of next year that is our plan right now. Progressing slowly.

f)       Houston County Progress Update – Sheriff Ely / Scott Yeiter

We just signed an agreement with SEH to do the Participation Plan so we should be starting that sometime in May. Still writing grants and looking for money.

g)      Fillmore County Progress Update – Sheriff Jensen

We will be taking the agreement with SEH to the County board the fourth Tuesday of the month with the idea that SEH working together with Houston County.

h)      Steele County Progress Update – Sheriff Ringhofer/Barb Brewington

Looking at 1st or 2nd quarter of 2012 for coming on.

i)        Dodge County Progress Update – Sheriff Trihey

Participation plan is pending approval when we get our final design review.  Working with Motorola and hoping for June or July of next year for migration.

Operations & Technical Committee update –Rick Freshwater

Talked about the Participation plans and there was an issue in reference to patching to a Statewide resource and Motorola will have to deal with this.

Mark Darnell – What did they do with the plans that had over 100 talk groups on them. 

Rick Freshwater – They put them down to 50 or 52 talk groups.

j)        Grant Update / Indrelie

Did not go over every grant unless someone has a specific question on one.  The 2007 PSIC Grant: A number of counties have not spent their money yet and you will want to do that. We have money that can be spent for radios and consoles and mobiles, you have to spend at $54,000 but you have about $43,000 in Grant funds to go against that. The IECGP Grant:  That has the cross spectrum radio on there that you will be able to afford one at this time. That ends on 9/30/10.

Mark Darnell – We will be looking at this soon, maybe June, that if anyone is not going to spend the money we want to know so we can bring it back and reallocate it to those that do want to spend it.

·         Request from RRB to do an RFP how to spend certain monies – HSEM Grant

This $895,000 has been reallocated so this board needs to look at how they feel it should be spent.  There are 3 options we can spend the money on:

1)       To add capacity channels to the Armor backbone

2)       To add control stations

3)       To add subscriber units

With the Planning and Training funds that are available after what has been approved for the Interop conference – $25Kwould be available to hire someone to look at the region and see what it should be spent on or we could just allocate it 1/12 each to be spent how they feel is best for their region.

Motion by Sheriff Ely/Sheriff Bartsh to split this money equally between the 12 members.  Motion carried unanimously.

k)      Interoperability Update / TIC Plan Update – Steve Borchardt

Conference is coming up.  Firefighters need to apply for money available for migration soon.

l)        State Update – Tim Lee not present.  Mark Darnell you should be registering for the Interoperability Conference soon they hotel are filling up.

m)    HSEM Update – Brenda Wodele

The Emergency Managers have formed their Joint Powers Board and will be meeting tomorrow to work on what we need. Matt Maas/President, Blue Earth Co/Vice President, so it is all EM Directors on the board.

n)      Radio Users Group Update – Mike Peterson

Update on last week’s tabletop.  We had just under 100 people attend and it was a good mix of members.  Feedback is that it was very beneficial.

o)      Operations & Technical Committee update Gary Mulleneaux

Meeting was held today and talked about problems with State Patrol and these issues were addressed and resolved. Talked about the encrypted talk groups and the benefits of that.  We talked about with each meeting we allow one vendor to come in and answer some of the questions. 800 is causing a lot of headaches.  Also an open invitation to everyone to come to our PSAP and take a look at the screens and see what dispatch is doing.  Next meeting is May 20, 2010 at 10:00 am.   


New business

p)      Any new business for the good of the order

Andy Terry with informational item – he has been contracted by Central MN RAC to do an Armor Participation Plan for Mayo Clinic/Gold Cross Ambulance.  The money came from a grant from the Central unit.  I am meeting with the Mayo staff next week and this plan will be coming to this group for approval and all the other boards.  Any thoughts or concerns that anyone may have on this I would be glad to talk with you.


Motion by Thomson/Sheriff Jensen to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried unanimously.   Meeting adjourned at 14:10 Hours.

 Next Meeting Dates

Next RRB meeting scheduled for Monday, June 14, 2010 at 12:30 at Rochester Public Utilities.

Next RAC meeting scheduled for Thursday, May 20, 2010 at 13:00 at Rochester Public Utilities.  

Respectfully submitted, Kari Haarstad

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