The Regional Advisory Committee (RAC), Owners and Operators Committee, and Users Group are all meeting on Thursday May 20th.

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SE MN Regional Radio BoardMeeting MinutesMonday, December 14, 200912:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.Rochester Public Utilities4000 East River Road N.E.Rochester, MN 

1)  Meeting was called to order by Chair Bryant at 12:36 Hours. 

Members in Attendance:                                                          Others in Attendance:David Erickson/Dodge County                                                            Steve BorchardtTom Kaase/Fillmore County                                                    Meredith EricksonJim Bryant/Goodhue County                                                   Rick FreshwaterMark Darnell/Olmsted County                                                 Tim Heroff                              Dave Perkins/Olmsted County                                                 Judy IndrelieBob Nowicki/City of Rochester                                                           Gene MrozekTom Shea/Steele County                                                           Mike PetersonTom Dwelle/Wabasha County                                                 Dave Thompson                                                          Marcia Ward/Winona County                                                  Kevin Torgerson                                                                                                Rose Umsted                                                                                                Jean Westberg                                   

2)  Welcome & Introduction 3)  Approval of AgendaBryant added item “d” Participation Plans under Old Business #4 Grants Update.  Indrelie added under New Business “b”the request to approve MNDOT agreement with SE MN Behavioral Health for ARMER access.Motion by Nowicki/Dwelle to approve revised agenda.  Motion carried unanimously. 

4)  Approval of Minutes for October 5 and November 9, 2009 Meetings Motion by Dwelle/Nowicki to approve minutes for October 5, 2009 meeting.  Motion carried unanimously.  Motion by Shea/Erickson to approve minutes for special meeting November 9, 2009.  Motion carried unanimously.  

 5)  Approval of Financials for October and November, 2009Motion by Dwelle/Perkins to approve October and November 2009 financials.   Motion carried unanimously.   

6)  Old Business    

 1)  RAC Update – Mark Darnell          Meetings have been comprised mainly of Participation Plan reviews and updates being given on the local          and State levels as Counties proceed with their migration to ARMER.  Standards are also being discussed.     

 2)  Update – Letter to Freeborn County – Mark Darnell          The special meeting that was called in November took place to approve Freeborn County’s Participation Plan.            It was noted that no one from Freeborn County attended that meeting and that they have been poorly           represented at meetings in the past.  Darnell was asked by Commissioner Bryant to compose a letter to Freeborn          County officials to address this matter.  Bryant confirmed that the letter was sent on November 30 and that no           response has been received.  It was also noted that no one from Freeborn County was in attendance at today’s RRB           meeting.     

3)  County/City ARMER Updates          Bryant reported that Goodhue County is as “close as they can get” to being ready to go.          Dwelle stated that Wabasha County Sheriff’s Office is in the process of purchasing radios.          Shea commented that Jeff Nelson will be doing a presentation this week to update the Rice/Steele Joint Powers           Board on the progress of their Participation Plan.  More info will follow at next meeting.          Erickson said that Dodge County is just getting started; they have voted to go with the ARMER system.          Kaase added that Fillmore County is still in the educational phase and that Steve Borchardt has been very          helpful with presentations that have been done so far.          Ward reported that Winona County approved radio purchases at their last meeting.           Darnell said that Olmsted County just purchased three dual band 800MHz/VHF Apex radios that are working very           well.  Rick Freshwater passed one around for members to see.     

 4)  Grants Update – Judy Indrelie   

a.  2010 IECGP Update  Applied for the 2010 IECGP grant.  One for EM to create flexible exercise to be used locally, regionally or            further out in State for $67,000.  Also applied for $114,000 grant for Talk Group planning and training.      

 b.  Current Grants Update (Handout)         Indrelie provided a hardcopy Summary of RRB Grants available with deadlines and will prepare this for each         meeting.  Noted that IEGCP grant has not been used yet – urged agency members who qualify for mileage         reimbursement to submit paperwork for this.  HSEM grant also has not been used yet – will learn more in the         next couple of months how these funds can be used.  ARMER website also lists grants available through the         State.  Indrelie urged members to view for possibilities.  Contact Indrelie with any grant questions.    

c.  Reminder to Pay $500 for PSIC Matching M&A Grant Funds               (Unpaid as of 12/07/09:  Fillmore, Rice & Wabasha)                Administration grant $6,150 local match that members each agreed to pay $500 – Fillmore, Rice and Wabasha                have not paid yet.  Indrelie added that with each member paying $500, there is still $150 that needs to be                 covered this year and requested authorization to move $150 from the general operating budget.               

 Motion by Erickson/Kaase to authorize moving $150 from 2009 general operating budget to the PSIC                 M&A Grant to be in compliance with matching funds required.  Motion carried unanimously.           

 d.  Participation Plans                Emergency Managers decided to use their 2007 HSEM grant to purchase and pay for Participation Plans for                 those who can get this done by the end of March – about $138,000 available; all Emergency Managers are    aware of  this.  May not pay for everything.  2008 HSEM grant money is also available – will try and acquire                      this to pay for plans that are not completed by end of March.   Members need to pay for first and then get                 reimbursed.   Plans need to be completed, invoiced and paid for by March 30 to qualify for 2007 grant.  Shea                 asked if RRB approval and RAC process needed to be done prior – Indrelie will verify with Ron Whitehead.                  Heroff suggested that if members have concerns with their contractor, to write in the contract that payment                 would be made upon approval of your plan by the State OTC.          

5)  State Interoperability Update – Steve Borchardt          IECGP grant runs from August 2010-August 2012.  Majority of Counties will have completed migration          by then.   High demand for logistical training.  Some will be web based and some on CD; also will          require some in classroom hands-on.  Wrote the grant intending to support multiple classes (30-40 people)           per County and contract for trainers.  Users Committee needs to start looking at plans to develop this training.          Did some testing in Fillmore County using Regional Talk Groups and experienced coverage that exceeded what          was expected.  One caveat for couple of areas in Fillmore County is that when there are leaves on the trees and          tall corn in the fields, it will be different.          Borchardt stressed that Board member orientation needs to be addressed so that new members receive the proper              training to fully understand the ARMER project.     

6)  EOC Update – Kevin Torgerson          Stressed to their group importance of attending RAC and RRB meetings to be more aware of what is going on.          Also continuing to get Emergency Managers more involved and talking about cross training between groups.          Grant committee has been formed.  JPA’s are done for all Counties along with mutual aid agreements that          include all aspects of disaster response.  Indrelie added that Federal has released 2010 grant information; should           receive more direction in January how this money can be spent to provide to Emergency Managers.     

7)  User Committee Update – Mike Peterson          

a.   Approval of 3 Standards  Three Standards were approved by User Committee: 

3.14.0 – ARMER SE-ATAC’s and SE-PTAC’s. Lowered the amount of Talk Groups to 8.                

 3.16.1 – Talk Groups – Vehicle Pursuits   Allows squad that initiates pursuit to stay in their own Talk Group.  Dispatch in charge would patch that group to one of the Statewide LTAC’s so that anyone joining the pursuit can get on the LTAC and talk directly to squad                     in pursuit.              

 3.30.0 – SE 911 Talk Group- This is the “Hailing Channel” that would function similarly to “point to point”.  All Dispatch Centers would have it and be required to monitor it.                 Peterson added that these Standards need to be passed by the end of the month for the SE Region to qualify for control stations.              

 Motion by Shea/Nowicki to approve SE Interoperability Standards 3.14.0, 3.16.1 and 3.30.0.  Motion               carried unanimously.         

Borchardt asked if agreement is in place stating that all PSAP’s will monitor SE 911 all of the time.  Freshwater           added that this will be on the next agenda.  Borchardt added that this may be the first compliance issue to arise.          Shea expressed appreciation for all of the groups and committees involved working to accomplish their goals by the           appropriate deadlines.          Darnell added that, as directed by the RRB, the Owners Operators Committee made up of Dispatch Administrators           and Supervisors is being organized and will have their first meeting on December 17.  This committee will report to               the RRB.      

 8)  Any Other Old Business          No other old business was brought up for discussion. 

7)  New Business    

 a)  Approval of Policy for Administrative Costs – Judy Indrelie          Approval of Policy #2 allows utilization of the PSIC Administrative Grant for reimbursement of administrative          services that expires 09/30/10 to offset costs for 2009-2010.          

  Motion by Erickson/Nowicki to approve Policy #2 Administrative Services Reimbursement.  Motion carried           unanimously.     

 b)  Approval of Agreement w/MNDOT on Access to the ARMER System – Mark Darnell          This agreement had been previously approved and signed, but was lost by the State.  At their request,          it was duplicated.  Meredith Erickson, RRB Attorney, reviewed it, made some recommendations that the State          agreed to change.         

 Motion by Shea/Dwelle to approve the Agreement with MNDOT on Access to the ARMER system (#94752)           and authorize Chair to sign said agreement per legal approval.          

  Approval of Agreement w/MNDOT on Access to ARMER with SE MN Behavioral Health – Judy Indrelie          Freshwater added that they have four radios that they would like to have programmed so that they can interop          with Public Safety and amongst themselves.          Motion by Kaase/Erickson to approve the agreement between MNDOT and SE MN Behavioral Health for           ARMER access for four radios.  Motion carried unanimously.     

 c)  Insurance Update – Mark Darnell          Paperwork has been submitted to MCIT and MN League of Cities; expect cost proposals soon.  The 2010 budget          request reflects average of what is anticipated; based upon County involvement implementation.  Have not           received paperwork yet.  Shea felt that since this is for 2010 coverage, action should be taken today.         

Motion by Shea/Dwelle to authorize Mark Darnell or Judy Indrelie to bind the coverage with either MCIT or          MN League of Cities, whoever submits the lowest proposal, effective 01/01/10.  Motion carried unanimously.         

Bryant requested that Darnell or Indrelie e-mail the Board with insurance carrier information when the decision           has been made.     

d)  Approval of 2010 Budget (Handout) – Judy Indrelie           Per member contribution for proposed 2010 Operational Budget is $304.17.  Bryant suggesting continuing with the           $500 charge per participating County/City in 2010 to have a small reserve.  By contributing $500, members          would have access to a portion of $1,809,606 grants available.            Motion by Nowicki/Ward to approve the 2010 Budget reflecting the change for Per County/City           contribution from $3,650 to $6,000 and the Per Member Contribution from $304.17 to $500.  Motion          carried unanimously.      

e)  SEMN RRB Website ( – Mike Peterson          This website is in place, but information on it is outdated.  Would like to put Standards on this site along           with meeting packets and minutes so that everyone can access it.  Felt that the website should be owned by          the RRB.  Dave Thompson has secured the domain since 2005 and been paying for it himself.  He offered to           continue to maintain it and opened up the option for the RRB to cover the cost; $12.00 domain/year; $95.00           approximately for hosting/year.  Peterson will be adding minutes and agendas.  Suggested that this be put on          next month’s agenda; Thompson will bring a proposal.  It was suggested that each County have a link to           this site on their web page.  Thompson invited members to look at the website and make suggestions.  Erickson           asked if cost could be covered by grant money and Indrelie will check on this possibility.     

 f)  For the Good of the Membership          Nothing was brought up for the good of the membership. 

8)  Adjournment Motion by Perkins/Kaase to adjourn.  Motion carried unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 13:46.

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