This site was originally hosted free of charge by Thomson Software Solutions, Inc. in the hopes of spreading the message of interoperable communications to all Public Safety agencies.

In 2010 The Southeastern Minnesota Regional Radio Board is now funding this site.  This site is maintained by a variety of people who work with the Southeastern Minnesota Regional Radio Board (RRB) and Regional Advisory Board (RAC), including but not limited to:

  • Mike Peterson - Winona County
  • Kari Haarstad - Olmsted County
  • David Thomson - City of Rochester

Thanks to Joel Hansen for work on most of the graphics on this site, modification of the Joomla template, and the original content on the site..

David Thomson for the initial setup of the site.

Joomla! for the best Open Source Content Management Solution (CMS) available.

Most importantly, to MnDOT's Office of Electronic Communications.  Their excellent staff has made the Southeastern Minnesota Radio system possible.  Their extensive knowledge of radio - Motorola radio - Motorola Trunked radio, has made an impossible challenge a reality.  Kudo to the whole staff.